itchy withdrawl...
pandalover722 posted:
I've been on 75mg effexor xr capsules since june of last year. It wasnt until December that my heart rate increased And there were sometimes that my heart would race so kuch i felt it would poind out of my chest. I started checking my pulse wherever i felt like that. It would get up to 180 bpm!!! normal is 70-90 bpm. That waw a huge concern. Then i started experiencing headaches and dizzy spells. I had my doctor take me off and hebput my on 40mg of Generic prozac but isnt weaning me off the effexor. I'm on my second day without the effexor xr and now my whole body is covered in hives even my scalp itches to no end.i know its mot the prozac because ive taken prozac in the past and it worked for 5 years. I read most people experience nausea or headaches but im just having the itchy scalp and hives im a luttle irritable . Anyone else have this?

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