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Constant Crying
CatGirl76 posted:
I see a therapist and a psychiatrist. I'm on Klonopin, Paxil, and Lithium, but I cry a lot especially in the morning. I'm going through a lot of management changes at work and this is causing me a lot of anxiety. I cry frequently in the morning and feel like crying during the day. I feel like this is normal that everyone feels this way, but my rational self knows that it's not normal. I don't know what to do. I feel very alone in this although I have a wonderful family, great friends, and of course, my therapist. I just feel like I'm either crying or I'm really angry like there's no middle ground. I avoid doing things that I feel will make me emotional or cause me anxiety. Any suggestions?
Dr_Patricia_Farrell responded:
You and your therapist need to work on a plan to help you through this very stressful period. I have a feeling that your dx. may also be making things a bit more difficult to handle and, perhaps, your meds need to be re-evaluated.
19brigid responded:
I have this. I call it The Crying Disease and have had it all my life but it became much worse in my 50's when life was too stressful and I was suppressing a lot of anger.

Regarding medication that has helped, Klonapin helps a bit but what really made the difference is a stimulant like rittilan. The one I find least harsh is Vyvance, a new one.

I left my stressful life and am now into my second year of emotional recovery. As I have isolated myself (endless camping) I have had the opportunity to stop trying to repress the crying, but instead let it happen and try to find emotional roots. I have not given up the klonapin or Vyvance, but just got off cymbalta - and I feel like I am real again.

What I discovered, is that I have a certain amount of crying to do each day, and I have a few words that trigger it. Words like "Mommy, mommy, no, no, no"

My routine now is to try to get the crying released before I go out in public, as so may things trigger me. I start and end the day with my trigger words and cry until I am done. I also went through a rage stage as I began to understand the roots of it.

Being able to tell my partner that I am trying to limit it to before I get up and before I go to sleep, helps, as he knows I am doing this as a treatment and if he needs to get out of hearing range, at least it is a predictable schedule and lessens the all day cring.

Today I could barely conjure a tear, and that is a first.

If you have what I have, I know how hard it is. And very hard on anyone you live with which leads to trying to repress, rather than express it.

Also, tears of emotion release ACTH, a hormone sent by the brain to the adrenals to signal danger.

The other thing that causes the brain to create ACTH are metabolites from SSI meds. So crying does get rid of extra ATCH before it signals the adrenals.

I understand as very few do, how debilitating this is. It has been my biggest problem, especially in being able to socialize or even go to the store.

good luck to us both!

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