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Don't know what to do about this problem with my job
hollystar1409 posted:
I am 18 years old and I have only have had one job, Mcdonalds. Working there is completely hard because the customers are very rude, my coworkers say that I can't do anything when I am an AB honor student, my managers try to put me in a spot where I haven't been trained and they get angry if I mess up (which I could end up losing my job), and some nights I'll work 8 hours with no break. I've only been working there a little over a month and when I think of going to work right after school, I get a nauseous feeling, and I begin to freeze up. I thought about quitting but I can't because then I would have to get rid of my cat. Everyday the feeling gets stronger until I break down and in the end I get told "get over it". What do I do?? I need the money but I can't handle this anymore!
rohvannyn responded:
First of all, try getting a job somewhere else. Try to think of this as a temporary setback until you get somewhere better. It sounds odd but call centers are almost always hiring, the work is actually pretty easy, they pay for your training, and all the rude customers are on the other side of a phone not in your face. I suggest that because they pay better than minimum wage too.

Additionally, and you may want to wait till you find something else before reporting this, but it's illegal for them to have you working that long without breaks or have you doing jobs you aren't trained to do. There are local authorities you can report them to, and you should, for the sake of the other workers. My spouse had similar problems when she worked for that company as well, down to a manager shaking her and asking her why she couldn't do anything right.

Hang in there, spend every spare moment looking for something better, and good luck.
morris32 replied to rohvannyn's response:
Over burden leads to anxiety this is what happen in my case so i'd suggest you to reduce your burden and i think you shoul go for that job which is of less hour or you can go for weekend base job as well!
morris32 replied to morris32's response:
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morris32 replied to morris32's response:
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