5 HTP Extended Release - Need real reviewers feedback
Anon_67284 posted:
I'm thinking that the majority of people in this community are sincere and I'm hoping to get feedback as to if anyone has had success with this supplement. I am managing through anxiety and panic attacks.I bought the 5 HTP 200 mg extended release and have taken 1/2 table for the last 4 days. Skipped today and will skp the weekend to gauge if there is a rebound effect or exactly what happens.
My HMO doctors get so agitated with me as I refuse anti depressants and can turn a 30 day supply of clonzenopam into a 6 month supply. I know I can't continue this way as they won't prescribe it and really want me to go on an anti depressant.
I welcome any and all feedback.
thronemia responded:
Hello, why don't you go with Serelax which is a natural depression supplement? It contains several natural supplements that will help you to fight against depression issues. Best of Luck with Serelax!
rohvannyn replied to thronemia's response:
Good suggestion, hope it helps. Just keep in mind, that "natural" does not mean that it's automatically safe or free of side effects. For example, St John's Wort, a common and somewhat effective natural antidepressant, causes photosensitivity and changes how many other drugs react in the body.

I'm not saying not to use natural remedies, just keep in mind that they can be potent medicine too and so you should do your research and discuss them with whatever medica professional you may be using. I use supplements and such but I research them pretty heavily first.
rohvannyn responded:
By the way, I'm curious about what others have to say about this supplement as well. I haven't tried it yet. One thing I've tried and gotten pretty good results with is matcha, which is powdered pure green tea. It has a mild but profound effect. Making sure you have enough of all your nutrients is important too.