An_258317 posted:
Hi my name is Travis I am having anxiety problems an I need help. I feel like I don't feel my self an I keep thinking there's all sorts of stuff rong with me I ts really hard to control it an it scares me. I wanna know how to get rid of it as fast as I can an I wanna know i f u can help me?
rohvannyn responded:
Help is DEFINITELY available. Check out Dr Wilson's profile, his website is awesome and very helpful. Also, what I said to "freeicecream" applies here as well, as far as how to behave when you are having a lot of fear or anxiety. It sounds simple but it really can work.
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You can have xanax and valium for treating anxiety disorders . These is used to treat anxiety disorders, panic disorders, and anxiety caused by depression. You can purchase them for online pharmacy . One i have found which is good is But i also suggest you consult a physician on the dosage and quantity.
momuv4girls replied to An_258418's response:
Purchasing medications at an online pharmacy is NOT a good idea, and can be dangerous. Find a good Psychiatrist to work with and discuss medication options.