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anxiety in teenagers
An_258545 posted:
Can someone help me? My fifteen year old daughter shows signs of having extreme social anxiety disorder, that goes far beyond shy awkward teenage fears. She and I have discussed her problem and she doesn't want to see a child therapist. I know prescription pills for kids is still taboo and frowned upon by many people most of them being doctors. Therapist is something we may have to try depending on her primary doctor and our insurance, which happens to be military insurance. Are there any other parents who have a similar or close to it problem? Advice on prescription drugs that are best as well as what specific kind of therapist she should see, would be greatly appreciated! Please help!
momuv4girls responded:
My daughter struggles with extreme anxiety also - so I totally understand.

Anxiety can be debilitating to those who suffer with it, so you often have to weigh the medication benefit - - should she suffer through it? or use some medication to be able to tolerate it?

Medication doesn't have to be life long. Once a person feels better, they often are more open to therapy, and learning coping tools. Eventually with time/maturity and learning, then can get off medication. That's the hope!

I don't know anything about Military insurance.......can you find and see a Psychiatrist without a Dr.s referral? If so, I would recommend your daughter first seeing a psychiatrist to evaluate her condition. Anxiety/depression are related and it takes an expert to dig deeper into your daughters feelings and behaviors. If the psychiatrist feels medication may be a good first step - then I'd move on to a psychologist/therapist who specializes in DBT (here is a informative link)
This type of therapy is super helpful in helping the person become aware of their emotions and how to handle them.

I hope some of this helps?! Take care,
Reid Wilson, PhD responded:
Hey, An_258545-
Social anxiety can make a teenager's life very small. Just as it's most important for them to be making contact with other teens, growing independent of parents, and finding their place in the social order... Instead they withdraw and become quiet. So it's great she has a parent who's ready to offer her some help. We have written a book specifically for teens and kids with anxiety, and we give it away for free as a download. You can find it HERE . I know that momuv4girls has recommended DBT to you in her post. But the gold standard of treatment for social anxiety is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Lots of therapists do CBT, but you want to find one who uses it specifically for the anxiety disorders. I know you are also inquiring about medication, and that is an option. But we have not found that medication alone will do the trick for social anxiety in teens.
tashonda1974 replied to momuv4girls's response:
Thank you so much for the advice
tashonda1974 replied to Reid Wilson, PhD's response:
Getting advice from an actual doctor is more than I could ask for! Thank you Dr. Wilson! I'm now a little smarter about what to do to help my baby girl! Thank you so much! Mediical advice from an actualdoctor for free! Thank you!

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