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What do I have???
An_258623 posted:
This is my first time using WebMD so please bear with me... (Also using an iPad so...)

I am thinking I might have some form of anxiety or I might just be losing me mind (lol) The following are my symptoms: >anger >loss of memory >stumble on words >always tired (could sleep for days) >my desire for getting dress up is gone (lucky me I can wear jeans so it helps) >when driving I feel like my anger goes up due to the feeling like people don't know how to drive or care about others on the roads >even in stores when people just fan out and have no care of other shoppers drives me up the wall >letting things go is harder >I seem to talk more about the bad parts of my day vs any good I may have come across >I a happy when I am home with my dogs and boyfriend

>I work at a company that I feel might be the core reason to my above feelings. I have a boss who changes practical as so fits her (even after she watches me write them down to reference at a later date) she walks around everyday ONLY talking about her life and set an example that most others follow (hardly work) I myself am glued to my desk and computer with little to no help and swamped like no one else (this is due to the work load never being worked prior to myself) I have requested help from her she will not give she gives out but never helps. I took a step down into this position I hopes to learn more and expand myself. I am currently looking for a new place of employment but I still can't seem to shake these feelings... I have to shake my hands loose most days Having to use the restroom quite often. Take deep breaths a lot throughout my day And been when I'm not at work on weekends when driving and or at the store I just want to yell at someone because how unorganized they seem to be... (Ex: driving in the middle of the road, not using their blinkers, cutting people off , or at the store fanning out, not having control of their kids, screaming kids, kids/young adults running through the store , people leaving their carts in the middle of the ales do you can't get around) I'm sure these sound peaty to most but all these things seem to be adding up to_____________________ (the unknown) Please help! Yes I works out most days try to daily I eat healthy I have a amazing boyfriend And dogs Home life is great
Reid Wilson, PhD responded:
Hey, An_258623-
Geez, all this sounds much more like anger and frustration to me, not anxiety. I assume you think it would be pointless to meet with your boss and your boss's boss about some of your concerns, although that would be the next step within the business: to bring your boss with you to a meeting with her boss. If that's not worth it, then looking for other work makes good sense. It also sounds like you are having trouble compartmentalizing your anger and keeping it focused on the work problem. So it makes totally good sense that you are now reaching out for help. Talking this stuff out with a therapist would be great. In the meantime, I suggest that you start adding a comment inside your mind when you get annoyed in all these non-work situations: "Oh, there's my work stress spilling out again." Don't criticize yourself for that, don't be frustrated about that; just observe it in a neutral way, and sub-vocalize it. And then shift your attention toward what you would like to be focused on at that moment (your driving skills, the specific items you'd like to buy at the store, etc.). Now, I know, your anger may pop right back up again. That's fine. Don't try to get rid of your anger at those moments, just start manipulating your focus of attention.

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