Anxiety on children
An_258646 posted:
Hello there,

My daughter is only 6 years old and constantly popping/cracking her fingers, wrist and toes. She has to always be doing this all day, every day. I am worried for her, she is only 6 and she feels the urge to continue. I have taken her for a visit at the doctors office and her provider said to wait it out. She should stop on her own but I am not sure about that. I believe it might be an anxiety issue. Is there anything I can do besides a primary doctor visit where I can have an answer?
momuv4girls responded:
My oldest daughter did/does this too. She used to do it a lot, and over the years it's become less and less frequent.

Honestly, if its not interrupting her daily activities and she isn't obsessed with doing it, I'd probably just ignore it.
Sometimes when you stop giving a behavior attention, the child will naturally reduce the behavior.

If she continues to do it in an obsessive manner, and/or starts another behavior (pulling out hair, tantrums, constant worry), then you may want to seek out a Child Psychologist to evaluate her.
Here is an article that may be helpful:

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Thank you very much!