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Patricia Farrell, PhD posted:
I have put information on this special page which I believe will help you, if you or someone you know is in need of Social Security Disability benefits. I worked as a Medical Consultant for them for many years.

If the above link doesn't work, try this one:
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vickirod2; responded:
this was very helpful, I've been so stressed out because of work & my home life, husband has terminal cancer, 2006 had liver transplant, on kidney dialysis, high blood pressure, bones fracture easy & is on pain clinic, has diabetes, demaculardengeneration, hepatitis C, etc... & my mother is 91 & she was just told she needs heart surgery & I take care of her & the house & gardening & work. My sister just was told she has terminal cancer. I've got arthritis bad in my back, hands & knees (need replacement but not enough sick leave to do it),bone spurs in my feet & Hep C also. I'm so tired all the time & hurt so bad it's getting harder & harder to work & now work wants me to work longer hours so I won't have my flex schedule to take my mom & husband to appts. I want to get out of work on stress leave, but haven't the time. Was wondering if I could possibly get out on disability, but I've not seen a therapist for the mental stress. thanks for your resource, it answered my question, I need to start going to the doctor more. But it doesn't help me now. I'm just falling apart & don't know what to do & I have no way to get help with my job & family life, no time!!!
Miss_Vikki responded:
My Dr. took me out of work June 6th 2010 and put me on state disability. I was diagnosed with major depression, PTSD, anxiety/panic attacks, agoraphobia, bipolar, and insomnia. In March of 2010 I applied for SSD and SSI and was denied. After that denial I went into a downward spiral. I didn't get out of bed, I rarely ate. I even rejected my kids' attention.

I was out of work from June 6th 2010 to June 3rd 2011 on state disability. I didn't know I could appeal or I would have. I just wasn't functional enough to understand at that time that an appeal is what I needed to do.

Now I'm back at work and the pressure and stress is already taking is toll on me. I have panic attacks on a daily basis. It take every bit of strength I can muster just to get out of bed and ready for work. And I was advised by my work that if I called in due to another panic attack, Dr.'s note or not, they would fire me.

I talked to an SSI/SSD rep. today and was informed that even though I'm having these issues, because I'm working I wont qualify. But what about the year I was out of work on disability? Why doesn't that count for anything? I'm 4 weeks shy of making the 60 day appeal. I requested the paper work anyways, even though I'm sure it'll be denied yet again.

Any thoughts on this? What my next step would be? If I lose my job due to an illness I can't control, my children will suffer. And if I'm denied again I don't know what I'll do.
dawn1998 responded:
This link no longer works, is there another?
Thank you.
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Hi Dawn,

I'll edit the original link too but here it is: