Dr. Farrell's new ebook on Social Security Disability for Psy. Disorders
Patricia Farrell, PhD posted:
A guidebook on how to proceed with claims made for psychiatric/psychological impairments and for which someone is seeking adult Social Security Disability benefits. Includes explanations of work, evidence, who should provide reports and in what form, the listings of disorders, what to do if denied or claim is delayed, resources for finding legislators, Disability regional offices, glossary of terms.
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youtalktoomuch responded:
am so excited to see this. been battling general anxiety disorder since for five years, and was just told by physician it is time to start the disability process, because i will never be able to work again. heartbreaking, but i needed to hear it.
SicSemper responded:
I m not a freeloader!
jaws82 responded:
I have been waiting three months after my hearing to get a decision. I am a former RN 25 years experience that have debilitating neck and back injuries that wont get better. What have I done wrong, I have an attorney?