Singing to My Anxiety!!!!
An_249242 posted:
Hello All:

Last night, while at home all alone, I started to feel my anxiety coming on. It didn't really catch me off guard, because I am learning to monitor my anxiety- i.e., what/who may be causing it, when/where it occurs. I've noticed that my anxiety mostly occurs when I am alone, and when I am not actively taking a part in something. Last night when it occured, one of the ways that I alleviated my anxiety was by singing my little heart out. I sung a little gospel, a little r & b, and some Christmas songs. Sometimes just by taking small steps to combat your anxiety can make a world of difference. It's all about refocusing the mind on something else.
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rohvannyn responded:
That's an awesome suggestion. For some at least, that could really help. When I used to be scared during my flight lessons (anxiety cropped up about forty hours in) I would sing to calm myself down, which would take my mind off the fear and also regulate my breathing. It works well... provided I (a) am in a situation to be able to do it and (b) remember to do it.