feeling like your not there
juanputo posted:
hello an..25 what you are experiencing is called de-realization... it's a more obscure symptom of anxiety/depression. it feels like your inside of a bubble looking at the rest of the of the world... thus the "not here" feeling. talk to your doctor about such and get plenty of exercise. start your mornings with some brain exercise.. a crossword puzzle or something like that.... the most important thing is to learn how to roll with it. mine started to get better when i accepted it and carried on... i know how frustrating it can be...so be patient and hang in there...also have your doctor check you out for sleep disorders such as sleep apnea etc.

god bless you... keep fighting.... and you'll feel better
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Savahanna responded:
Thats my worst symptom of my panic attacks and anxiety , feeling like i cant breath is the runner up..I start to feel like im stuck in my own head. and cant think straight or focus and that makes me start to think im going crazy which sets me into a panic. Its awful.