Are the symptoms related to anxiety?
weyco2000 posted:
1) Terrifiied around crowds, makes me feel really uncomfortable.
2) Avoids conversations and eye contact with others, often crossing the street to avoid others.
3) Forgets words and have problems expressing myself in conversations.
4) Feel more at ease when alone, Having no friends helps me avoid social contact.
5) Hate to talk on the phone, especially to people I don't know and even my own family.
I currently take Vyvanse 70mg for ADD and just started clonazepam .5mg twice daily today and I seem more relaxed. I could sure use help dealing with this.
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crazyhammer7 responded:
sounds to me that you might be depressed. i also was but then my doctor gave me zoloft, the biggest thing you have to deal with is reconizing that your depressed, it was hard for me, i have couseling and i have gotten a lot better. good luck hope this helps.