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    I know what you are going through!
    kateybrown92 posted:
    I defiantly know what everyone is going through. I've suffered from an anxiety disorder and panic attacks since I hit puberty at 9 years old. middle school and high school was rough for me so i got my GED when i was only 16 and started college. anxiety has always been on and off for me. i feel like theres a switch in my brain that's constantly turned ON and it makes me fear everything, and i have uncontrollable thoughts. not to mention that i am a huge hypochondriac, everytime i get sick i feel like i have some dreaded disease and i google all my symptoms which make it worse. there are many times where i've just completely isolated myself which makes things so much worse. its one thing having a panic attack that lasts temporarily and constantly being in a state of worry and fear. it can be trigged by the smallest things and once something sets it off, you feel like you are going crazy! anxiety can make you feel awful, and it make you feel physically sick. it can also make you feel like your going crazy, you can't stop worrying and you have obsessive thoughts. medicines like ativan and xanax do help temporarily but they are way too addicting to be on for more than a week or two. i've researched anxiety, ive read alot of books about it, i know what it is and i know the symptoms but sometimes its just difficult telling yourself that its just your mind, sometimes you just cant stop those thoughts. im so glad to know that there are so many people who are going through the same exact thing that i am. it makes me feel like im not crazy! anxiety and panic are a terrible thing to have to live with, it makes living day to day seem impossible. being an anxious person though does have its benefits, i think that it makes you a stronger person, and you are more aware of yourself and your surroundings, whenever i get over a panic attack or an anxiety episode it makes me a stronger person and it defiantly makes me appreciate life so much more! i love to help people with their anxiety and reassure people that they are not alone.. even though myself right now am going through a very intense episode of anxiety, i want to be able to help people also, we can all help each other!

    my recommendations for getting through anxiety are:

    1) get out of the house. staying at home and worrying about your symptoms and what your feeling always makes it worse.

    2) get your mind off of whatever your feeling. do something to take your mind off of it. being bored is an anxious persons worse enemy.

    3) don't be afraid to talk to others. talk with a friend or a family member. don't hold everything inside.

    4) when your sick, DO NOT google your symptoms. there is so much crap on the internet that will only make you feel worse. if you think something is wrong with you, GO TO THE DOCTOR, please dont go on the internet looking for answers, personal experience, it will make you feel so much worse.

    5) go to your doctor and get on medicine and seek therapy or a therapist to talk to. that's the first step to really getting better.

    6) don't be afraid to go on medicine. medicine can REALLY help. some side effects might be scary, but its worth it if it can make a difference. some anxiety is caused by a chemical imbalance in your brian and medicine will help that.

    **be careful when you are prescribed xanax, ativan or any other short term anxiety medicine. it is VERY addicting, but it can be very helpful when you use it as needed**

    7) have faith that you will get better. millions of people have anxiety and you are not alone. what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger!

    i hope this helped. email me if you would like to talk, id love to talk to anyone
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    HungryForFreedom responded:
    you helped alot..Im an eighteen year old suffering from really bad anxiety and panic disorder. Feels like im stuck in a bad trip. i recently got prescribed zoloft but these side effects are aweful im getting panic attacks worse then before. Ive only been on it for five days though. im so glad im not alone..I FEEL LIKE IM GOING CRAZY
    kateybrown92 replied to HungryForFreedom's response:
    feel the same exact way, and i'm only 17 i feel like im going crazy too! i can feel normal for a long time then outta no where something just triggers my anxiety and its like i cant shut off my mind. i felt fine all summer, and i had a little bit of anxiety here and there but i got sick last week and that made my anxiety so much worse, i kept swearing that there was something wrong with me. even though i do feel better, i still feel tired all the time, my body hurts, i cant stop thinking about anything and everything, and my mind just wont shut off. its annoying because now i can't even go back to school, i have to take online classes. i've always been scared to take medicine. ive taken ativan which does help but ive heard that it can be really addicting even after a few weeks so im scared to take it. ive always been scared to take medicine because of the scary side effects. i just got prescribed prozac and i'm really hoping it works. i just want it to make me feel better and not worse.
    HungryForFreedom replied to kateybrown92's response:
    Well its my sixth day on zoloft..i have a constant headache its not going away which makes my panic worse. It sucks to be so young n going through this. I see a Psychiatrist on friday to get something fast acting like klanopin or xanax i know their addicting but i need something to help me until the zoloft kicks in. I have one more wk n then side effects should be gone. HOPEFULLY. Email me whenever you need to talk
    Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Everyone, this is just a reminder than if you share an e-mail address on this Community, anyone can see it and use it to write to you.

    Please consider carefully before sharing, and if you decide to share, keep personal information such as your full name, address and phone number safely to yourself.

    Thank you,

    kateybrown92 replied to HungryForFreedom's response:
    yeah side effects really suck. xanax and ativan really do work, they calm you down and make you kinda tired but they are only for a short term basis. i'm scared to take mine for more than a week because of all the stuff i've heard about becoming addicted and having withdrawls. but its a good medicine if you only take it as needed.
    martynchris replied to kateybrown92's response:
    I take ativan and it helps. The doc say he is afraid I'm addicted...and I tell him....if something helps....even a little...then I have no problem with being addicted. Maybe I will get addicted to being well....that I could deal with as well.
    kateybrown92 replied to martynchris's response:
    yeah ativan does help. i think being addicted to it and wanting to take it because it really helps are two different things. being addicted is taking it on a long term basis and having to have it otherwise you can't function and then eventually the dose will stop working and you'll have to have a higher dose but i think that taking it because you really need it and because it works is a whole different story. the only thing i would be scared about is having withdrawls from coming off of it which i've read alot about, but that only usually happens when people take it for a long period of time. other than that i see nothing wrong with taking it for a short term basis or when you need it like if your having a panic attack, it really calms you down.
    jenniemomma replied to kateybrown92's response:
    Addiction and tolerance are 2 different things. the body becomes tolerant to medications over time, even blood pressure medications, and suddenly stopping these medications can cause side effects. This has been shown to happen with medications such as ativan, but it also occurs with blood pressure medications, simple antidepressants and other medications. Withdrawl syndromes are not addicition. Addicition is the mental aspect of abuse of a medication. Long term use of ativan for panic or anxiety disorders is not addiction. Most people who use ativan for anxiety do not feel side effects of sedation or euphoria. they feel like their normal selves again. people who are addicted take the medication to escape from reality rather than use it as a tool to treat the symptoms that are affecting their ability to cope.
    kateybrown92 replied to jenniemomma's response:
    thank you, that does make alot of sense. i think side effects and addictions and everything that has to do with medicine is just blown out of proportion but i think if someone helps you then you shouldnt have to worry so much about it
    Emil211 responded:
    Thank you, your words really helped. My experience with anxiety is relatively new, only have it for the last 3 months, but it was a living hell until I found out it what it was. I went to the ER a lot of times, after having panic attacks, and all they told me was "stress" I felt really scared because I didn't believe that stress could induce such severe symptoms, so I went to a bunch of doctors, until one finally said I had anxiety. Then I looked it up, and found I had all the symptoms, and it really described the state I was in. I am just to glad that I know I am not really sick, and dieing, as I was thinking all the time.
    I am on Xanax, my doctor didn't really feel like giving it to me, but she said to try it out for 7 days. I guess it is working, because, though I still have the symptoms like disorientation, headaches and neckpain, the panic attacks are gone. Didnt try ativan.
    kateybrown92 replied to Emil211's response:
    aww, well i'm glad i could help. yes, anxiety is very scary but you really have to tell yourself it's just in your head but there are times when i've felt like i'm dying, going crazy or there is something seriously wrong with me. my anxiety is on and off alot but when i get sick it makes it worse cuz i honestly never know if i really am sick or if its just my anxiety cuz anxiety can make you have every physical symptom out there. i'm glad xanax has helped you, i've only taken ativan for about 6 days now and it helps me too but i don't think i'm going to take it anymore because i don't wanna get adidcted to it. if i'm not having a physical symptom like being shaky or having muscle plans or being lightheaded, i get all disoreinted because i think way too much and worry about dumb things, i guess i just get caught up in my own head. I've been going through this for a long time it seems like, some times are worse then others but just remember alot of other people know what you are going through. It's easy for me to come on here and see that other people have what i have because my family and friends don't understand it because they don't know what it's like. just let me know if you ever need anything. =>
    Emil211 replied to kateybrown92's response:
    You really have to experience it to believe something like that is possible. Support of the family and friends is really important, and it was hard for me because everyone was really worried about me the first few times I went to the ER, but then, people started saying to me to get a grip, and snap out of it, they didn't really believe I was in so much pain because I went to the doctor, and everything was apparently ok with me physically. Plus, I didn't know it was anxiety the, so I was scared all the time, because I thought that no one believes me, and I may be dieing.
    I see we experience the same symptoms, like being lightheaded, and disoriented. The worst for me I guess is the feeling of not being real, like all the people around me are not real too, like they are somehow not in the same space I am in. I know it is only in my head, but it is scary nonetheless.
    kateybrown92 replied to Emil211's response:
    it is defiantly scary. anxiety is something that we might always have to live with but there are different ways we can react to it which doesn't have to interfere with our lives. it's crazy how our minds can trick us into believing things like that but our mind can be our worse enemy, we just have to realize that if we change the way we think, we can change the way we feel. once we get our minds stuck on something, like the fact that we might be dying or the fact that we are going crazy, only makes it worse. people with anxiety are just too much in contact with reality and that's why sometimes we feel confused and disoreinated, we think too much about the situation we are in. we just have to change our thinking because it's all in our minds. it sounds hard but i think it's way better than going on medicine in my opinion. i've read alot of books on anxiety and workbooks and they help me alot, i don't really like to read but they give you alot of solutions and things to try. we just have to train our minds to not always fear everything and expect the worse. what helps me is just to get my mind off of what i'm feeling. sometimes when we think too much about what we are feeling, it makes it worse. sorry if i'm confusing you or anything. but there are alot of things you can do to help anxiety, and its possible to live with anxiety and be happy, you just have to learn to not let it consume you. don't let anxiety rule your life. just remember that there is nothing at physically wrong with you and it takes time but eventually youll learn how to deal with it. if you dont wanna read anything, then go out, exersise, talk with a therapist, do anything to get your mind off of it. it really does get better, trust me.
    Emil211 replied to kateybrown92's response:
    Yeah, I understand what you are talking about. It took some time to wrap my mind about what was really happening to me, but now it is a lot easier. Of course, when it gets worse, when I'm in pain or something, I start to think about it too much again, but I can see I am making progress, small steps but it is getting better every day. I don't know what I would have don't without the Internet, it gave me a lot more comfort then any doc, and I am glad there are sites like this where I can talk to people who are going trough the same things I am. It gives me hope to know that there are ways I can make the situation better, and live with it.
    I think I will find some books about anxiety, I like to read, and knowing more about it can't hurt

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