Effexor withdrawal tips
capgirl12 posted:
I too have experienced terrible nausea, headaches, anxiety, insomnia and roller coaster emotions since coming off of Effexor one week ago. I even tapered off my dosage from 150 to 75 to 37.5 miiligrams to nothing over a 6-week period. My doctor even warned me about symptoms, but they're worse than I thought.

I found that eating helps, especially with nausea. And not just crackers, something of substance like eggs, peanut butter or soup. I went from almost vomiting to highly functional after eating. Drinking lots of water helps a lot too. I felt more normal after drinking water instead of something else.

Melatonin helps with insomnia too--3 to 6 mg. Good luck to anyone starting this process. It does get better!
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