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BrizzyBonez posted:
I had anxiety/panic attacks for years since i was a child, I really didn't knoq what was happening to me until i found out what it was. I went to the ER here and there but in the end the doctors didn't helped me one bit until they sent me to a thrpy but in the end he's the same person as my whacked family doctor, He ordered me to take 5 mgs of "Diazepam" each night right before i go to bed and if i ever feel anger or anything that relates to the a/p attacks i should take the Diazepam. So i listened to him for awhile but in the end i was the one who was in charge of the a/p attacks, It seems to me all he only cares is himself and the darn money. It's terroribly sad when someone doesn't really have the time or day for you when the issues are there, At first i was really hurt by his first action towards me but hey there are million of doctors out there are trying their best to solve your issues in the end. My main point in this was you are the only one who can take charge of the a/p attacks because it's 50/50 chance of a medication that will help you in the long run, Yes there are medcines which will help you but in the end you have to help youself first and go from there. Like my sislaw says, The pill helps but it's you who needs to work at it as well. I really hate taking any medication but in the end certain people does indeed really need it but in my case it's different though, I was the one who found the main "keyword" as a expert says. It's all up to "YOU" who really needs to focus on something you may like or something to keep your mind busy and keep thinking postive thoughts, "Focus & Postive thoughts" That is all you really need to beat a/p attacks, I have been there and done it a million of times in my lifetime and i hope it helps you all. Yes i had a/p attacks in my daily day/nights but in the end i was the one who was standing tall, I know it is "really" hard when it comes on but you have to think "postive" and always "focus" on something you like to do and in no time the a/p attacks "will" be gone. I will "promise" you on it... If anyone wants to ask a question or anything, Please feel free to send me a "reply"
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An_189976 responded:
So my question is...what where your symptoms...

Let me tell you about me a little bit...been to the doctor many times...ran tests..all come back normal..been put on lexapro..which calmed the attacks down to two times a month but they still drove me crazy and I hated them so I continued to complain to the doctor. ran more tests..all come back gave me something elses said if it doesn't work then i can't help you...went to another doctor..ran some more tests...came back normal...gave me xantex...just made me start feeling even crazier after a few weeks on the pill.. it was a small dozage.. .05 a day...and if it was bad I could take the whole pill which i think was .25 or symptoms I get are nausea..down right sucks..i cry i get frustrated i get angry becuase i don't know why this is happenin and i don't want it to happen and I hate feeling sick its the worse feeling in the world to me...

Meds I was on lexapro, prozac with birth control (because the nausea gets 75% worse during that time of the month), gerd meds, ulcer meds, xantex, generic lexapro/prozac, gastroparesis meds...nothing helped..i have anti nausea meds which i only take when its bad not when i'm sad and frustrated with a little bit of nausea..

I wake up thinking I'm sick and not feeling well I go to the bath room and lift the lid of the toliet and get a flash of being sick...

I just want to know how to over come this naturally...i don't want the meds I been on them they didn't help...i got invited to go camping with my best friend and family but super scared to go because i get nausea so many times through out the day..
Jram91 responded:
The post made since to me. I have had anxiety problems for a long time i think but recently i have just started notices them. I have negative thoughts of worrying about sinceless stuff. Like what if i passed out, what if this and what is that. Alot of times i feel like it is normal by any means. The doctor put me on zoloft recently and the second day taking it i had a horrible panic attack. (shortness of breath and tingly feeling along with irrational thinking.) I dont know if was because i was thinking about it too much or what. well thanks for your time. Feel free to reply back. Thanks.

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