Finding the right medication
pan_n_pandora posted:
There is a vast selection of medication to help with panic and anxiety. Its also taking pop shots with addiction. I having been taking Klonopin for the past 10yrs, before that it was valium.
Valium consumption was around 80mg a day to get relief. Not healthy at all but when you are out of options and you are loosing your mind it sounds like a good ideal.
I changed to klonopin and take about 2mg a day with some to spare for the bad days. Sometimes I may not have to take any at all.
Antihistamines can be used to calm the nerves, exercise, meditation, even just breathing in deeply can help. Try the above before you reach for the big guns like benzos. Sometimes you may have to trade addiction for normality but before you do try a non drug therapy to see if it helps.
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