panic attacks
cgilrt posted:
when i have an attack it feels like im frozen and looking around. my heart and chest pound so hard it doesnt hurt it is very scary. i cant talk i start to drull. i sometimes try to yell help me and think of something else. that doesnt always work. i like to be around people i just dont want them to talk to me. and i feel as though i am going to pass out. i do take paxil 20mg it doesnt seem to be working ive had a few attacks this year.
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sunnydee35 responded:
paxil is like an anti-depressent/anxiety pill plus it lowers libido or at least on me. i have the same scary attacks. my dr put me on Buspar. Its now considered a valium.....but whatever. I take 30 mg of that and an anti-depressent/anxiety pill called Lexapro. I feel that because I take the two together, it conquors my panic attacks. Ive had 2 beginnings of ones which faded fast in the past 7 yrs. Thank god because they scared me so bad.