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Write Your Anxieties Away!!!!
An_249242 posted:
In order to combat anxiety when it desires to show its ugly head, I would suggest the art of writing. I consider writing a form of art and therapy, because it allow us the freedom to express ourselves without question, intellect, opinion, and/or anyone's judgment.

Just like prayer, I have found that writing about my anxieties allows me to think logically about things, even when my mind wants to go into overactive/reactive mode. When I write about my concerns, fears, and/or worries regarding life, my mind freely surrenders itself to the words being written on paper, and before I know it I am feeling a whole lot better about my circumstances.

I would encourage all of my sisters and brothers in this community to write......write......., and then write some more. By all means, jot down any and all thoughts about any and all things that concerns you. I would also suggest always keeping a pen and paper close by, because believe me, it would be just like having a close friend around.
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Patricia Farrell, PhD responded:
Thank you for this helpful hint. Always good to hear what's working for people and to shre with others. We do appreciate it.