Create Your World To Be Free!!!!
An_249242 posted:
While our anxieties are not easy to control sometimes, I believe that we must always stay as proactive as much as we possibly can as a way to keep it under control.

For the most part, I am always thinking of ways in which to keep my anxiety under control. For instance, I practice the art of prayer, writing, and on some occasions, I even place myself into my own indivdualized world. In my world, it is exactly the way that I want for it to be. I am totally running the show, and everything in my world is according to the way that I perceive it.

In my world I am married to a wonderful man, I have a nice big house in the valley, and I am singing on stage to a crowd of millions. There is some thing quite freeing and therapeutic in creating your own world. For many of us who suffers from anxiety one of the causes is that we find it somewhat difficult in dealing with the way the world is setup; but when in fact we sometimes create our own world- keeping it in logical perspective of course, we are somehow strengthened to cope with the world before us.
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