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Intense Pain Sweat Glands
salimjohn posted:
I've recently seen two doctors regarding an intense pain/stinging that emerges immediately as I begin percolating/ begin to sweat. None of the doctors were able to pinpoint or at least provide a general answer to what the cause may be.

Essentially, the pain and stinging occurs as i begin sweating lasting for about 5 minutes. The pain is not just annoying but its actually an intense micro stabbing pain. Best comparison: 50 needles poking my back in different/varying spots every mili-second (im assuming these are sweat glands). The stinging sometimes occurs around my neck, back of arm, scalp, but always/primarily my back.

Has anyone (or if doctor Enright responds to such messages) ever heard or had such painful stings when sweating, running/working out?? I havent even been able to find a general answer. Possibly a drug allergy or general allergic response to X??
tk3rd responded:
I have some similar symptoms except I don't sweat. It seems as if the signals to cause sweating instead cause stinging.

Stinging begins shortly after I begin any exertion, exercise, or straining. Other triggers are: needing to urinate and holding back, an increase in room temperature (with no exertion), moving from cooler to warmer environment, and others.

These symptoms were rapid onset beginning in late Oct of 2007. I have seen 30 MDs of several specialties, had spine surgery, and tried many medications.

Don't do any surgeries until you know what is causing it. I really regret going down that path.

I have learned several things that would make me do it differently. Don't let the desperation make you jump into a treatment you can't undo.

Contact me and I'll tell you what I learned.
POTSgrrl responded:
This is probably a sign of sudomotor or sensory neuropathy - small fiber nerves.

I have this strange symptom too and my skin biopsies (ENFD and SGNFD) both show a small fiber neuropathy - autonomic (sudomotor) and sensory nerves are involved.

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