Mellabellaa posted:
I was wondering if it was safe for someone with Asthma to use Mucinex. My brother is currently using Advair and Albuterol. He has laryngitis. It has moved to his chest. He was a very thick cough and is coughing up mucus. The mucus is a dark yellow green color. I was thinking the Mucinex would help clear his lungs and allow him to breath better. He has a hard time sleeping because he is constantly coughing. I just wanted to know if it was safe to give Mucinex. Thanks!
sgbl88 responded:
First, he really needs to see his doctor. It sounds like he has bronchitis and might need an antibiotic.

I take guaifenesen (the medicine in Mucines) every four hours every day, and I am on the same meds he is. It is safe and a good idea. Guaifenesen is an expectorant and will thin the mucus so that it comes out more easily. However, he does need to drink LOTS of water with it.

I hope he feels better.