HELP: Asthma & Vomiting - I am new at this!!
beckiegirl posted:
I have been under the care of an allergist and my family doctor for almost three months now for allergies and asthma. I am taking Singular (once/day), OTC version of Zyrtec (once/day), Nasonex (each morning), and Advair (am & pm). I am allergic to trees and grasses and I began cluster shots last week with my allergist. I have shared with each doctor that I have feelings of nausea (usually in the am) leading up to vomiting (particularly when brushing my teeth). Each time I vomit, I feel more "open" and "refreshed". Neither doctor gave me a direct response. Why is this happening? Is this going to be a pattern I have to live with? Is it caused by sinus drainage? Is there anything I can do? If I avoid vomiting, the nausea (and all over yuckiness) just continues. Thanks so much!
mrsmunger responded:
try eliminating canola oil from your diet. I had a similar problem in the past. These problems have stopped completely after I have stopped eating food containing canola oil. I have regained a quality of life I had lost.