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    Asthma still not controlled after three weeks
    bpcookie posted:
    Hello everyone, I have been having asthma problems, post nasal drip and thick phlem in my lungs for over 3 weeks now. Been to my Dr.s three times, been put on a number of medications, went to Urgent Care and Im still having problems. Right now I notice that the phlem seems to be thick, hard to cough up, causes breathing difficulties. No matter how many breathing treatments I do, how many allergy meds, expectorants and all the other tricks that I know of, I still cant breath or cough up the phlem. Last night I couldnt lay down because I couldnt breath. Today I am beyond exhaustion.

    Dr. did an EKG today, turned out fine, she did a blood test for Valley Fever, will get the results in a few days, and also has ordered me a CAT scan. This Friday I have an apt. with a Pulmonologist.

    Ive just been suffering for so long now and even though my apt. with the Pulmonologist is only 4 days away, thats 4 more days of Hell I have to go through.

    Could there be other diseases that can cause problems with asthma or can imitate asthma?

    I do have allergies and the Dr.s have me on meds for that. I do have acid reflex, but Im on medication for that also. *shrug*

    I hope you all are doing well.
    Amelia_WebMD_Staff responded:
    I'm sorry to hear that you have been feeling so bad. That is great that your EKG turned out good as well as your blood test, though.

    I am not a medical professional by any means and a professional examination is by far the best thing for you, so hopefully your pulmonologist will find some answers. I'm sure that other members of the community have more insight on these symptoms and questions that you may want to ask your pulmonologist.

    Maybe you could talk to your doctor about the possibility of chronic bronchitis ? Again, I am not a professional, so please do not take this as a diagnosis. I just hope for you to find an answer and relief soon! Take care and please keep us posted.
    bpcookie replied to Amelia_WebMD_Staff's response:
    Hello Amelia, Im surprised that my Dr.s havent said anything about Chronic Bronchitis. Maybe I will do some research on it. Ive had asthma all my life and every year it just gets worse and worse.

    Lately I have noticed that my allergies are bothering me a lot. I dont sneeze, but i do get the constant runny nose, post nasal drip and the itchy throat. I have also noticed that normal things that I used to be able to eat before, are now causing me the itchy throat, swollen throat, painful throat and breathing problems. Today i made a salad and put Ranch dressing on it. I have never had problems with it before, but right now I feel just horrible. Im surprised that my throat feels swollen. Ive taken a Benadryl but still feel just horrible. I have no idea whats going on with me.

    Thank you for replying, I really appreciate it. Have a good evening.
    Amelia_WebMD_Staff replied to bpcookie's response:
    You are more than welcome and you might consider writing down those foods that are bothering you as well. You can never have too much information for your health care professionals to consider. Best of luck and do keep us posted!
    deluxehd replied to bpcookie's response:
    Hi bpcookie,

    Sorry tohear that you are having such a hard time. I've had 3 really rough years. Everyone is different and I feel like I'm not even close to being the norm or text book asthma. Here are a few things that I experience and/or have figured out. I was able to tie eating certain foods and asthma attacks. I can't eat glutens (wheat) products or sulfites (preservatives). There are more foods that trigger me and I should be able to eat. After eating a trigger food: my voice would became raspy/hoarse, the phlegm and cough would start, the airways tightened up, I sometimes would loose my color, become lethargic and have foggy brain. Most recently I tied some of my meds as triggers. I used to keep a food diary: what I ate, time, if there was a reaction and how long after eating. My allergist didn't agree in the beginning and chalked it up to acid reflux. I was even blood tested and prick tested showing no foods allergies. She agreed with me after she saw how much better I was after controling what I eat.

    Are you taking any decongestants?

    Maybe you could add Mucinex, this will help to thin and loosen mucous. Drink lots of water.

    I know the road is long and rough, but hang in there. We are all here to help and have compassion. Please continue to ask questions and feel free to vent, we'll all done it.

    Take care.
    Laura0711 responded:

    I have the same thing going on with the phlem and post nasal drip but mine is not as severe as yours sounds. What meds do you take for your allergies and your acid reflux? I take generic Zertec and Singular for my allergies and I take Omeprazole for my acid reflux and these seem to work well. Have you been tested for influenza? Some of your symptoms sound like the flu.

    I hope this helps some

    JS007 responded:
    Hi there,
    When I read this, my heart went out to you. Been there, done that and got the T-shirt. I know the horrible suffering you are going through.
    I have the same problems. Let me share this with you. YOU MIGHT HAVE FOOD ALLERGIES. I CRINGED WHEN I READ WHERE YOU USED RANCH DRESSING ON A SALAD. For me, my food allergies are the number one source of phlem production and MILK IS ABSOLUTELY TABOO. My food allergies are so severe that there are very few things I can actually eat BUT by sticking to my food avoidance diet, my quality of life has increased a thousand fold. Things like MILK, CHOCOLATE, SOFT DRINKS AND MOST FRUITS are off-limits to me. If it turns out that you have milk allergies, make sure that you read the ingredients of everything you eat or drink and WATCH OUT FOR MILK DERRIVITIVES SUCH AS SODIUM CASIENATE AND WHEY. I am on a very bland but healthy diet. I drink only water and eat only rice and other grains along with lean white meat and after being sick with your same symptoms I feel great by sticking to this diet. It will be a lifelong endeavor for me and I am always developing new allergies to different things and must be constantly vigilant but the rewards are priceless.
    You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Good luck.
    JS007 responded:
    I,m sure you've got other replies about food allergies. MILK, SODIUM CASIENATE, WHEY (ALL MILK DERRIVITIVES), CHOCOLATE, NUTS, CARBONATED BEVERAGES and MOST FRUITS cause me to have the same problems that you are experiencing.
    I am on a strict food avoidance diet and will have to stick to it for the rest of my life but it has made a thousand fold improvement in my breathing and quality of life.
    I am constantly developing new food allergies so again it is a lifelong endeavor. I drink only water and eat rice, certain grains, veggies and lean white meat. Its a bland diet but it works for me. It will be a lengthy process of trial and error and food elimination for you to determine if this is part of the problem but you will be in my thoughts and prayers that you may get releif from your suffering.
    apokemon responded:
    I had the same problem and I am still trying to figure out what went wrong. I went to Urgent Care and the DR said I had acute sinus infection, bronchitis and for the 1st time asthma. I work in a water plant and we had a lot of trouble with Ozone and profane at the plant. Also I take Fluticasone for allergies and I think this might have bad for me as I could not cough up Phlem. They gave me Antibiotics, I stop taking the Fluticasone and drank a lot of fuild. The Ventolin inhaler for asthma did not do any good and I am not sure if it didn't make things worst. I seem better now. Thinking about changing job because this year I got 4 Sinus Infections vs. 1 or 2 per year for the last 20 years. Best of luck too you, Brandon Mlwaukee.
    PeacefulOnly responded:
    Hope you're feeling better by now. The other posts all have wonderful information. We eat Ayurvedically and that has helped my husband but have recently observed my husband with similar challenges and then an "asthmatic-like" attack. His is anxiety, confirmed by his physician.
    love_eyeore responded:
    I'm sorry you have been sick for so long. The biggest thing in treating asthma is that you have to figure out what is triggering it, and treat that-then the asthma has a chance of calming down. It sounds like they are starting to sort this out, but that it has taken a long time to get motivation to do so.

    You have listed three potential triggers in this post:
    These can very much trigger asthma. have you been allergy tested? Shots are very effective for this! Also a new drug called Xolair can be effective in treating allergic asthma. Ask for an allergy referral to further look into this.
    2-GERD (Acid reflux)
    This can be a HUGE problem for asthmatics. Getting started on a protien pump inhibitor as well as making some lifestyle changes to deal with this can help tremendously. Some people then have reflux surgery and this is very worthwhile if it is a major cause of your asthma symptoms.
    3-Possibly an Upper respiratory infection or sinusitis (causing post nasal drip)
    Again, this can sure cause bad asthma and if it's not being treated the asthma sure is not going to improve. It also can lead to a pneumonia.

    From these three root problems you may now have a lung infection and that may be prolonging your recovery.
    I am very glad that they ordered a CT scan. Have they done a chest xray yet? The CT will take the place of it, if not. The CT will show if there is a pneumonia or other problem in your lung. This would be secondary to the list above.

    The longer your flare goes on the more inflamed your lungs can become and thus the longer it takes to get better. I would make a list of these potential triggers and take them in to your appt. I also would push to get seen ASAP, as it sounds like the asthma is getting worse. So far as asthma treatment what are you on? Are you doing inhalers? Oral prednisone? ect?

    Would love an update!
    ZWhiz replied to bpcookie's response:
    bpcookie have thought about seeing if you have food allergies because you know asthma and allergies are compatible!
    bpcookie replied to Laura0711's response:
    Hello Laura, I take Singular and Symbacort and also Omeprazole for the acid refulx.

    I havent been tested for Influenza, but I havent had it for many many years. I dont have any of the typical symptoms.

    I ended up going to the ER last night. My asthma was really really bad all day yesterday and no matter how many breathing treatments I did, it didnt help. My oxygen level always shows up at 100%, but I still have problems breathing. The Dr. at the ER gave me a big boost of steroids through an IV and it seemed to help enough that I was able to fall asleep.

    I really really appreciate your help. Hope your doing well.
    bpcookie replied to JS007's response:
    JS007 LOL re been there done that and got the T-shirt.

    I do have food allergies that usually dont bother me if I take allergy meds, but lately Im almost afraid to eat anything. I def. cant drink milk which makes things a bit difficult for me because Im supposed to be eating Yogurt.

    I have been drinking ginger ale, I had no idea it might have been causing me problems.

    Im thinking that I am developing allergies to new things, just like you. I have never been allergic to Ranch Dressing and now I guess I am.

    Also, I am on sooooo many different meds for so many different health problems, that maybe one of the meds is causing me problems also. The only med. I have added with in the last few months was Methocarbamol, its a muscle relaxer. I will have to do some investigation on that drug and see if perhaps its one of the culprits.

    Thank you for the prayers, I really really need them. Sometimes I feel like Im just gonna die. Hope your well.
    bpcookie replied to PeacefulOnly's response:
    So sorry to hear about your husband. My asthma can flair up for crazy reasons. If Im under stress, if I laugh too much, if I cry and then the other reasons like pollen, dust, grass, mold, some foods, the list goes on.

    I hope your husband is doing well. Thank you

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