Tessalon perles for asthmatic cough
G8rgirl77 posted:
Has anyone had any experience with the use of Tessalon perles for asthmatic coughing?
I would be very appreciative of anyone's experience with this drug .

sgbl88 responded:

I take Tessalon Perls as part of my pretreatment routine for odor exposure. I go to church with my GP. One night I was across from him coughing my head off. I was just glad there were no projectiles. lol He was giving me really strange looks. The next time I was in his office, out of the blue he says, "You need a non-narcotic cough medicine." They work pretty well for that.

It doesn't work very well for me when I am sick/flare. Then I need the real, strong stuff. That is controversial, but I have a rib that pops out of place from severe coughing. I insist on having something that will stop the cough, but I promise to take my meds on time and set my alarm to do so.

I hope that helps you.

Take care and God bless.
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cwille responded:
hi, i actually do use tessalon pearls for my cough also. Sometimes they work , sometimes not. I was also given cough syrup with codiene, now that works, but i can only use it at night. I have been dealing with asthma cough for at least a year now. The pearls don't make me sleepy so i use them more during the day. I haven't had any side effects from them. I hope they help you.

good luck
lal326 responded:
Personally I do not think the tessalon perles work. I tried them a couple years ago and nothing. I continued to cough. But it is like any medication, what works for one may not work for another. I just try to drink a lot of water, take my asthma medication as directed and if it gets really bad, get a script for cough medicine with codeine. Good luck!