Judy- semi success
coughy16 posted:
I had a good appt with my allergist today. She liked my pft results, & the fact that my asthma has been pretty stable for quite awhile. I asked her about changing from advair to a straight inhaled steroid. She had me walk her thru my history of asthma & all the meds I had tried. She is not opposed to switching, but wants to try me on a reduced advair dose for 3 months before making the switch. So I have to see her again in November, because she wants to be good & sure that my control is still good before reducing my meds during flu season. But the upside of doing it in the winter is that it's not pollen season! (Did I tell you that she is pretty strict? But that is better than the straight no that I got from my previous allergist.) I did feel that she is finally getting to know me & is becoming comfortable that I keep myself informed & wouldn't do anything crazy like stopping my meds altogether. Let me know how your appt goes, ok?
Aqua14 responded:
Thanks, Sue. My appt is tomorrow morning so I'll update after that. Judy
Aqua14 replied to Aqua14's response:
Ok, here's an update. It's interesting, as soon as I told the allergist my continual problems with reflux he had the same idea I had -- that maybe the long acting bronchodilator in Symbicort was promoting reflux or making it worse. (The way he put it was, "maybe we're overmedicating you.")

So he actually suggested I could try a month's worth of Pulmicort (the inhaled steroid in Symbicort) to see how I did, with spirometry and NO measuring in a month to see if the lung inflammation is kept under control. I guess great minds think alike.

So we shall see how it goes. When I stopped the Symbicort over the weekend I was able to drink lemonade and eat an orange without having the irritating coughing from reflux. Maybe I can even start drinking coffee again?!? I'd be in heaven if I could do that.

Hope things go well with you, too, Sue. Take care. Judy
coughy16 replied to Aqua14's response:
that's great Judy, please keep me posted on how you do with the pulmicort. When I was first diagnosed, I was on pulmicort, and I found the inhaler really nice & easy to use. My new allergist is really nice, but she is big on following protocols to the t. I have to go back in Nov for another pft before she will decide whether I can make the switch. She gave me a written action plan, the first written one I have had. Interesting, it told me that if I was having more than mild brief symptoms, I should take 4 puffs of my rescue right away, followed by 2 puffs every 4 hours as needed. I have never been told to take 4 puffs at once before.
Good luck with the pulmicort!
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So happy for both of you. Praying the best for you Judy and Sue.\

Take care and God bless,
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Amelia_WebMD_Staff responded:
Also happy for some good news and please keep it coming!

Take care of yourselves!
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