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Early reflux success
Aqua14 posted:
I'm 11 days into my new asthma medication, Pulmicort. As of this morning I am seeing a gradual improvement in reflux, more marked in the last couple of days. In fact, today I hardly coughed at all. Hurray! I really feel great.

I am going to keep my fingers crossed that this improvement keeps up, and that the spirometry and FeNO tests I'll have in 2 weeks show no increase in lung inflammation.

Guess I should have questioned the Symbicort a while ago. Oh well, hindsight's always 20-20, isn't it? Judy
abbymay16 responded:
Yeah the power of hindsight is amazing.

SO glad to hear the reflux is may take some time to see the full benefit but at least you are headed in the right direction!! YEAH!!!!

Vive Bene, Spesso L'Amore, Di Risata Molto (live well, love much, laugh often)
coughy16 responded:
That's great news!!!! Hopefully in November I will be able to try the same. Cross you fingers for no flares. Judy, I hope that you keep improving!
Aqua14 replied to coughy16's response:
Thanks gals! This is just so amazing I can hardly believe it.

Last night I broke one of the big anti-reflux rules: no eating within 2-3 hours before bed. I didn't have much dinner and was hungry later in the evening, so I ate some whole wheat crackers about 1/2 hour before I went to bed. NO reflux. YAY!

I'm going to wait a while, but I'm hoping, wishing, praying I can go back to drinking coffee again!! I will do the happy dance for sure then! Judy
Sue1420 replied to Aqua14's response:
would you mind if I asked how you switched from symbicort to pulmicort. did you just stop the symbiort one day and then use the pulmicort the next? I just convinced my pulmo to let me go back to asmanex (I used to use pulmicort but my insurance would not cover it). He was not too happy about it but he relented but did not advise how to manage the switch and i want to make sure I don't have a problem. I plan to ask the pharmacist when i pick up the asmanex but wondered what you did.

hope you're reflux is still behaving.
Thanks in advance!
Mathchickie replied to Sue1420's response:
You should be able to just drop one and start the other. That's what I did.
Aqua14 replied to Sue1420's response:

I agree with Mathchickie -- there were no problems with the switch. I took my last dose of Symbicort on Aug. 4 before I saw the allergist, started on Pulmicort on Aug. 5. No problems, and I didn't expect there would be any. I do kind of miss that instant opening-up effect of the LABA in Symbicort which always felt so good.

Hopefully the switch will help you. Reflux is gradually getting better, although as a precaution I'm still taking Zegerid (fast-acting Prilosec) in the morning and Tums once in a while. Probably I'll d/c the Zegerid when I run out in the next couple of days.

Asmanex is good -- I used to take it when I was a newbie and it helped me a lot.

Take care & good luck!


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