New to Mild Asthma
aconner84 posted:
Hello everyone,

I just recently developed asthma after moving from the beach, inland, in LA. It scares me sometimes.

My doctor threw a bunch of meds on me, I tried some of them with little benefits and horrible side effects. I have a Flovent rescue inhaler which doesnt seem to help a lot either.

Rest, a glass of wine and just relaxing seem to help the most. I started crying when I read some of your posts. I feel your struggle, it feels good to know I'm not alone. Sometimes having a condition like this can make you feel so isolated.

If anyone wants to talk, I would like that. Tips, reassurance, just chit chat. Thanks, Aimee
whezzienanna responded:
Hi I have had asthma all my life just has gotten really bad over the last 2 1/2 years I am at the limit of all the meds I can take and the pulmonaligist referred me to have Bronchial Thermoplasty done so I am wanting to here from the specialist that do this procedure it is known to have good results.
I just want to have it done and over and go on with out reacting to so many things I had to quite my job I worked with children I loved it but around the bleach and lysol and peoples perfume it limits what I can do right now. It is hard to even go to church. I have been in the hospital 4 times this year.
bresky responded:
Hi Aimee

It is always scary to get a bunch of information at once and medication. I find it interesting that you have a flovent rescue inhaler as that is usually a maintenance medication, it takes a long time to work and should usually be taken twice a day.
Ventolin or salbutamol is usually prescribed as a rescue inhaler. How often are u using your rescue inhaler, do you know what your triggers are?
I hope your asthma improves if you ever want to talk no worries. This is a great site for support and answers.