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Cushing Syndrome and Prednisone any advise
donmol posted:
I had an appointment with my pulmonologist today and when she reviewed my lab work and all I ahave now been diagnosed with Cushing Syndrome. I have been having trouble with steriod induced Diabetes the last few times being on prednisone the last three time in the hospital this past year. I have notice may face was looking huge like a full moon. I have been experiencing headaches and some dizziness but thought that was part of my migraines. My ankles were getting really puffy and my back was starting to hurt as well. I have been on Prednisone daily since September but I have been on a high dose and tapering very slowly since 2/6/12 this last hospitilization.

The plan is to keep tapering slowly and keep a close eye on blood pressure and sugars. It is very embarassing going out in public with this moon face. I am a nurse have seen this before but when it you you take a different look at it. I have cried when looking in the mirror at myself several times in the past couple of days just knowing it is going to take time for this to go away. I could not imagine if I had to live like this the rest of mylife as some people have to with tumors.

I am eating a low cal diet and trying to exercise as much as my lungs will let let me right now. I asked my doctor but she did not answer me and was wondering if somone else could tell me if an inhaled corticorsteroid like Advair could contribute to Cushing Syndrome as well. As I am on the 500/50 2 puffs twice a day right now as well.

After reading all the information on this Syndrome it is scary and just another thing to worry about until I get of this Prednisone if I can ever get off from it. We have tried other methods of steriods and the Prednisone is the only one that has done the trick thus far.

Any suggestions would be aprreciated.

Thank you
amcate responded:
I have had allergists tell me that Advair 500/50 does have systemic effects, and there is some type of risk with using it long term. What the risks are, I don't know.

I don't know about moon face, but since I wear a mask I do know what it is like to look different. For some reason, even the year I had 4,000 mg total of prednisone for the whole year, for some reason the moon face never happened. It is hard when you look different.

Not much help, I know, but that's what I know.

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