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Anyone Had Airway Spasm/Choking?
MulanMom posted:
Hi. I am a 42 y old wife n mom w chronic migraine, asthma and GERD. A few days ago, I swallowed a VERY small sip of room temp water "the wrong way" (aspirated water into my lungs) and began choking violently. I began coughing purposefully, trying to clear the airway, to no avail. The airway con't to close tighter and tighter. My chest began making a horrid noise. Fam members rushed in and began to give me the Heimlich maneuver. After having the Heimlich 4 times, I'm still not getting air. Finally, a tiny amount gets thru, enough for me to exhale. Slowly, I recover from the incident - at least physically. I am still traumatized, though so thankful. Has anyone else ever exp this?
amcate responded:
Yes, I have. This is what was happening to me when my ex coworkers laughed and made jokes at me.

The water goes into my lungs, which then triggers an attack. The lungs close up, and that makes it harder to cough the water out. Since the water can't get out easily, it continues to trigger an attack.

Normally, coughing will eventually result in water get out of the lungs. Typically, those attacks for me don't deteriorate. If the coughing does not clear the water out, then I have to take rescue medicine.

You may want to consider next time taking your rescue meds to open the lungs up as opposed to doing a Heimlich manuever.
amcate responded:
I did want to clarify what happens in my case. Though I can feel the lungs closing up, or getting tighter, and the chest does indeed go in and out uncontrollably, there is no horrid sound. In addition, my air flow is not completely cut off. If a person can cough, then by definition there is some airflow. It's a matter of increased resistance in the airway as opposed to the airway being completely occluded. So, I can still cough, but it is difficult due to increased resistance as well as the whole lung spasming in and out uncontrollably. So, in my case since the attack doesn't deteriorate I can sit there and cough and cough and normally eventually the water will clear....but it's so much easier with the rescue medicines because they open the lungs so there is not as much airway resistance. The water comes out much easier then.
XCherokeeRoseX responded:
I have had something like this but I have not swallowed anything for it to happen and it happens all of a sudden. It is like my airway has had a stopper put in it nd there is no air passing what-so-ever. When it first started happening, I would panic (naturally) but I have learned now to just try and stay relaxed and in a short time it will begin to open enough for me to get some air passage. I have no idea what causes it to do this. I do have COPD/Emphysema, but I have never heard of this happening. It is not at any certain timer either, I have actually had it wake me from complete sleep unable to breathe. And when I say unable to breathe, I mean no air at all can pass. Any Ideas?
jaynoro responded:
Last night me and lady were out to dinner and I had salmon with rice pilof and all the sudden I started chocking and trying to burp it out and passing whatever was stuck on air passages, I was freeking out thought I was going to die! Scary stuff, had to leave restaurant and go to the hotel and went to bathroom #2 and finally it got better. It sure did scare the heck of me.. Sounds like we had the same thing going on..keep me posted if you find a solution.. Jay

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