Asthma attacks and dead cockroaches
Gypsy555 posted:
was helping a relative clean out their home after a roach infestation and now i am having a bad asthma attack there were lots of dead bug bodies. could this be causing my attack? i have inhalers. but usually just try to settle down with my asthama, but it's a pretty bad attack for me.
amcate responded:
I did allergy tests 11 years ago called "A80". Number 22 is for cockroach with a column for "PR" and one for "ID 1:1000". I don't know for sure what the columns are. What I do know is it was from an Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology clinic, so apparently cockroach can cause an allergic response that can aggravate asthma (I'm assuming since I have asthma and they tested for it).

Hope this helps. You may want to get additional information from other sources to be sure my assumptions are right. I don't know why they would test for cockroach allergy if it is unrelated to asthma, but who knows?