Chest pain and asthma
dasher672 posted:
I've had asthma for about 6 years now. I was using Symbicort, Singular, and the rescue inhaler. I was put on Symbicort after going to the asthma doctor when I kept complaining of pain on the left side above my heart. Primary doctor did EKG and it was fine. I stopped taking the Symbicort about a year ago as my co-pay for each med is $30 and I couldn't afford them.

Now its acting up again with the chest pain. I went to the doctor for strep throat a couple of months ago and complained about the chest pain and EKG was normal. She wanted me to see a cardiologist and I was thinking about since heart disease does run in my family. But its getting more frequent and the rescue inhaler isn't helping and neither is taking the Singular again. I don't know what to do and really can't afford to be taking 3 medicines that cost $90 a month on my limited income.

I'm thinking about taking some presidone my mother has hoping that it might work instead of another asthma medicine. Or is there a cheaper medicine that I can take that will work? Thanks.
amcate responded:
If you can afford it, I would first get a good diagnostic workup.

Prednisone is cheap, but has many long term risks, including diabetes, osteoporosis, cataracts, hypertension, etc. In the long term, if you get one of those diseases it could be more expensive.

You may have already done this, but I would check with insurance to see if they have a tier for generic medicines and switch to generic if possible. You can also check with the drug companies, because some have programs to not only help if there is no insurance, but if there is a high copay on insurance.

I took Nasacort AQ for a long time, then the money was a problem. I asked my insurance if their was a drug that was similar that they would pay more for, and they said Flonase. So, the doctor switched me and the sinuses are just as well controlled with either drug. Maybe the same will work with you?