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3 year old boy
melissaj76 posted:
3.5 year old boy
Growing/developing normally
Full-term birth

Feeding issues as an infant (spitting up, vomiting, traces of blood in stool) Referred to GI specialist for testing. Found to have reflux, delayed gastric emptying and thought to have milk sensitivity. Treated with reflux meds and hypoallergenic formula.

Introduced milk at age 1 with no problems, discontinued reflux meds around that time as well. Continued to drool (pretty excessively until age 2)

Age 2 developed croup out of nowhere which required trip to ED for steroid treatment.

From infancy to age 2 would develop upper respiratory infections that always resulted in persistent cough which ultimately resulted in vomiting. Frequent bouts of congestion and ear infections. Referred to ENT who decided on ear tubes and removal of adenoids.

Enjoyed many, many months (and to this day still no ear infections) free from congestion and coughing.

Last summer May, June. August randomly developed moderate fever with some complaint of mouth sores. NO other symptoms
and resolved within a day or two. Doctor was suspicious of Periodic Fever Syndrome but also eluded could be
enterovirus as well. Last episode was August 2011 so I would assume this is no longer a concern.

Has had blood work done on several occasions and all appeared within normal limits..

Since December 2011 develops congestion/runny nose on monthly basis. Sometimes appears to be ill most of the time though is
happy and playful. With each bout though, he develops a cough. Sometimes the cough is all day, sometimes all night, other times just in the morning. Sometimes its barky, sometimes just dry and others loose sounding. Every time, with the exception of one doctor visit- his lungs were clear sounding.

Pediatrician felt that his upper airways were sensitive and more reactive. She believed that with age, his airways would strengthen and frequent coughs would be a thing of the past. She prescribed Flovent as a preventative measure. Felt that allergies were also playing a role and recommended an OTC antihistamine to keep him dry. She referred us to a pediatric Allergist/Asthma specialist.

We just completed our evaluation at the allergist. He indicated his lungs sounded excellent and conducted a breathing test.
He forewarned us that because of his age, the breathing test results may not be accurate. Despite that, after the test, he was pleased to report that all three results were quite good. Allergy testing showed mild reactions to both indoor and outdoor allergens. He mentioned nothing about reactive airways and felt that allergies needed to be treated. REcommended Allegra and Veramyst daily and wanted to wean off Flovent.

I obviously don't want to see my son on so many medications but I am scared to wean off the Flovent as I still don't understand
or think its normal to have coughs of this nature month after month. Is there anything I should suggest to his doctor or am I just
being a nervous, overprotective mom? Any advice would be appreciated...I hope and pray that he is a healthy normal boy but just worry that there is something we could be missing.

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