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Right Lung Congestion
Anon_167240 posted:
Just about a year ago I had a fairly average cold, but towards the end of it I started to feel an icky, rattly feeling in my right lung. I have exercise induced asthma, and since I have ventolin, I tend to use it when I have colds as they typically end up being chest colds (my doc said that all kinds of asthmatics usually get chest colds from regular colds). This one wasn't really a chest cold, however.

Any ways, a year later, I'm still getting that congestion in my right lung. Sometimes it feels really intense, like there are marbles rolling around in there, and it makes me nauseous. Most of the time, just about once a day (in spurts, sometimes I go weeks without feeling it), it feels just kinda congested, and sometimes a bit tight, so I'll use a puff of ventolin, and it usually loosens up whatever's in there to some degree, and I spend a few subsequent hours clearing it out. Usually clearing my throat, breathing out hard, and coughing. Sometimes I hit my chest if it's especially stubborn. The goo that comes up never makes it past my throat, so I don't know what it looks like, but it doesn't taste bad or anything like the gunk from chest colds.

I don't wheeze audibly, ever. Sometimes after exercising in cold weather I might let out a whistle or two, but my EIA is usually just lots and lots of coughing and phlegm, but my inhaler usually prevents a lot of that.

Any ways, I'm a pretty averagely healthy person. I don't get sick too often, maybe a cold a year. I had one in July that was unusually harsh, but I was also working in a carpentry shop at the time, so I'm sure the combination of the dust and goo in my chest is what made me so sick, but I never missed work! This cold was about the worst my lungs have ever felt. About the 3rd day in my chest was super tight feeling, and my voice was gone by day 4, and took about a week to come back.

Right after that cold, I wasn't feeling that stuff in my right lung for about a month, and in that time I had a doc appointment (new doc, cause I'm in a new city). He mostly just got to know me, wrote down my history and stuff, but I didn't tell him about this issue since I thought it was gone. Silly me.

Well I can't get in to see him until November due to his schedule, and mine, and since I'm having one of those more stubborn lung days, I thought I'd see if I could squeeze some info out of you all.

Hope everyone has a great day. I know I will!

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