An_248053 posted:
Hello all, to start let me inform you that I am an ex smoker of about 4/5 years..never really passing a full pack a day. I have not had a cigarette in over 2 months now and have started running everyday since before i completely quit. I have made big improvements on my distance and time during my runs but still experience a shortness of breath (assumed to be normal) but often coupled with a tight chest sensation. Every time i type in chest tightness something about asthma pops up and its starting to worry me considering I am in the middle of the recruitment process for the coast guard. Does this tight chest sensation definitely mean or is definitely a sign of asthma or is this just left over garbage from smoking?
richrl66 responded:
The chest tightness, especially along with the shortness of breath, is something that I would suggest be discussed with your Dr.

I have asthma, also used to jog 3 miles each morning and evening until my late 50's then slowed down to about one mile daily. I'm also an ex smoker.

I've had a heart attack, and can attest that it's better to catch this before it happens.

Glad you posted.