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    the jewish national clininc
    cwille posted:
    hi everybody, been awhile since my last post, no better, back in hospital a couple of times, 2 weeks ago was the last one. finally going
    to denver to the Jewish national reg. hospital (?) i was wondering if anybody else has been there, i tried the cleveland clinic down in ft lauderdale, but that was a waste of time. Still can't figure out what is causing all the problems. I was at doc office the other day and had to to all the treatments and steroids, went to leave and these people came up behind me with thier dogs, i went right back into an attack. never new i was allergic to dogs. They were service dogs, so what can i say, also back on prednisone , can't seem to get off it , everytime i do
    i end up back in hospital. anyway hope everybody gets better.

    god bless
    sgbl88 responded:
    Hello again,

    So sorry to hear that you are still struggling so hard. I hope NJ can help you.

    Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end... Ye shall seek me, and find [me]
    amcate responded:
    I've not been to National Jewish since my insurance would not approve it and the allergist and pulmonlogist recommended against it, feeling that taking a lot of prednisone was a better option for me.

    However, folks in a pulmonology support I had been attending had been there. They liked it, and it seems NJ picks up on diagnosis that others miss. One lady found she had MAC infection. Her doctor told her she didn't need to go, but she did anyway. He had little to say when he found out he had missed the infection. They also say they like that NJ pays attention to the emotional issues and stresses of pulmonlogy disease as well.

    I wish I could go....anyway, good luck to you and wishing you the best.
    cwille replied to amcate's response:
    thanks for the reply's , just heard from the nj clinic waiting now for paper work, was doing well for about 2 weeks than got sick again, i am now down to 5 mg on prednisone, hopefully i can get off and stay off, my body seems to have taken a liken to the steroids, both inhaled and pred. i am suppose to go for cataract surgery in 2 weeks but not if i am still coughing, That is the big problem i have i start to cough real bad along with the wheezing. i have a real good pulmonologist , we have tried everything i am now taking an anit depressent to see if that helps. They use to give it to people years ago he said but now because they have all the new meds they don't do it. i thought it was working until thurs this past week than i went to work and got real sick again, i am a mailman. I miss more work than i go, i think i have been to work 8 days within the last month. oh well i leave everything in gods hands. whatever happens , happens.

    hope everybody does well
    amcate replied to cwille's response:
    I'm sorry to hear of missing work. To me, this is one of the most difficult social effects of asthma, when a person misses work so much that its hard to have a full time job, and then there's the cost of medicines to boot. I've had times in the past where I only missed two days of work, but couldn't tell them exactly what would happen or how the asthma would respond, and they fired me.
    bresky replied to cwille's response:
    Hey Cwille

    Glad to hear you are able to go to a nj clinic, I was recently started on an antianxiety/antidepressent medication to see if that would help, I tend to land in hospital every month and ended up being intubated for the first time last month - scary. I haven't noticed a huge difference to be honest. I do maybe feel less depressed I guess but if this disease could be controlled I would feel even better.
    I am no longer working as there were too many exposures at work and I haven't been able to find another job yet, nobody wants me which I don't blame them I think I am sick more days then I work.
    Let me know what happens when you get to the nj clinic.
    cwille replied to bresky's response:
    hi bre, the anti depressent they started me on is amitriptyline, i really haven't noticed much of a change. I am looking into something else though, i have been told that i may have myasthenias gravis, an auto immune disease, and the doc wants me to try a thing called ivig, it is a med and blood product i looked it up today and saw that it was used for severe asthmatics also. I am going to talk to my pulminologist when he gets back from vacation about it.
    At this point i am willing to try anything, i put in my disability retirement papers 1 year ago and am still waiting to hear something, i go to work when i can usually 2-3 days a week anymore. Now with this new thing it is making it harder, oh well, we shall see what happens. just heard from nj today waiting for appointments and schedule now. well good luck all.

    cwille replied to cwille's response:
    well got sick again, now out of work perm, or until doc says i can go back , going to national jewish dec 15, going to stay for a week and do all kinds of testing, the amitripytline didn't work so now i am stuck , don't know what else to do. at least i got over whatever caused my flare up last week, my doc almost put me back in hospital . told me that if i didn't clear up i wouldn't be able to fly, i live in florida soooooo. anyway i wish everybody out there a merry christmas and happy hannakua, sorry if i spelled it wrong.

    amcate replied to cwille's response:
    Good to hear from you, cwille. I was thinking of you the other day. Sorry to here about being out of work. That is one of the difficulties with more severe forms of asthma. I hope National Jewish has some answers for you. You may want to consider alpha-1 testing, if not already done.
    Good luck.
    cwille replied to amcate's response:
    thanks for the reply, yea i tried the alpha-1 test and it came back normal. thanks for the suggestion anyway , well i leave sat, hope we find out something it's getting old, anyway thanks again.

    amcate replied to cwille's response:
    It is Saturday evening. Hope your travels went well and good luck.

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