Fellow Asthma family
An_249622 posted:
My 12 yo has been an asthmatic since age 2. We do a lot of preventative meds and started allergy shots at age 7 (family decision). He was the bubble boy back then. He is so much better now. He has been on shots for 5 years, with singulair, claritin, sudafed daily along with variety of nasal sprays. He got sick in Nov, but with a short dose of steroids and antibiotics - seems to have gotten better. He can play outside, we have an outdoor dog, but we still homeschool and keep to ourselves!
We don't have indoor pets, clean alot, try to dust and decrease the clutter. Bed covers, pillow covers, etc. He does not have food allergies - just picky. He is allergic to many airborne things. We don't go out much and can't stay at friends houses who have pets. Perfume, smoke, etc all seem to bother us. I had severe asthma when I was pregnant with both kids, and seem to have certain triggers. I too, take lots of meds, but it is pretty controlled until I get sick.
The steroids are a real problem with kids and adults (anger, no self control, etc.) I have been on steroids and had kids on steroids. : )
THanks for sharing. Hope that the kids outgrow the asthma!