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cwille posted:
ok , i have been holding off on this subject for a while, a lot of you know my story , real bad cough variant asthma, can't control it , been to different specialist throughout the country (very blessed to have good insurance) been on all the meds, just was taken off prednisone, been on that for about 3 years, i do two breathing treatments during the day , with pulmicort and atrivant, now for my question, i have gained 30 pounds over this time, i am now retired (disabled) i am trying to lose weight but it doesn't seem to be working i work out for 2-3 days and than i am dead to the world tired or my body hurts for the next 2-3 days. Does anybody have any suggestions, i am doing weight watchers on my own but it isn't helping to much, my doc (pulminologist) said he isn't to worried because of the steroids i am on . i am starting to get depressed about it. My stomach doc is being a butt head about it saying i need to lose 20 pounds or i will die, etc etc, I am over weigt i admit it , but i am trying. anyway thanks again for letting me vent, god bless and i hope everybody feels better.

coughy16 responded:
Maybe you need to start slowly and build up your tolerance? Maybe a light workout every other day, and if that goes well, gradually add more days and then up the intensity? I know that when my asthma flares and I am unable to work out for a couple of weeks, I start back at a really low level and see how I tolerate it, and then work back up to where I was.
amcate responded:
About 6 years ago, I lost weight but then put it back on due to not keeping up with lifestyle changes. I was on the asthma meds and on and off prednisone at the time. I took an overall view of health and didn't focus on weight since I figured all I could control was my behaviors especially due to on and off again prednisone use. The ideas were taken from a book I've mentioned here a few times from the mid 1980s. I found it helpful at first, but then after a few years I seemed to be deficient in some nutrients (things like nails were too fragile and not hard, etc.). So, I changed the diet a bit. The book is the one by the Diamonds as they understand Natural Hygiene. I was able to lose about 40 pounds and went for over a year without pred and went to FloVent instead of Advair. However, when I went back to old habits the benefits reversed. The two books were called Fit for Life.

There are several areas of lifestyle they touch on, including stress management, getting enough rest, eliminating toxins from the home (cleaning products, etc.) Diet wise, I ate only fruit in the morning and then from 12 to 8 PM I ate non animal organically grown things...whatever I felt like, but not combining carbohydrates and proteins in the same meal (since they say it takes more energy to digest and freeing up energy is good since you can use it for other things), and then after 8 PM fruits again. They don't recommend the diet for diabetics without a doctor's oversight. It ends up that you're eating a lot (normally 10-15 servings a day with my appetite) of raw organically grown fruits and vegetables. More recently, a number of natural hygienists believe the diet should be modified to allow a small amount of animal products between noon and 8 PM not combined with carbohydrates (for example, together with a salad, such as lean turkey cut up and put in salad) to avoid possible nutrient deficiencies.

They do advocate exercise, but not to the point of being exhausted as you describe. They take a holistic approach to the whole process talking about subjects varying from decreasing stress to getting fresh air to the types of cleaners you use, etc. They advocate things like yoga, and in terms of exercise they simply say to do something.

Anyway, it's pretty demanding, though, because it's not only diet and exercise, but the principles did work as long as I did them, only I would the diet slightly to add small amounts of animal products. It just takes a lot of focus and committment.

Best of luck.

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