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thank you
amcate posted:
Just wanted to say thanks to all who have offered me support here (Aqua, Sonya, bresky, cwillie, wdove, and there are probably others I've not thought of...)

When I first got asthma, no one told me it would get worse within a year of graduating and starting to practice. No one told me I would have to leave friends and family behind so I can breath. No one told me I would have to consider at what point to stop working in my chosen career due to stamina or other asthma related issues. No one told me I would find myself with coworkers who, though we all work in the medical field, would laugh as I was having an asthma attack and then leave me alone in a bathroom without my rescue drugs and then go about and treat patients. I ended up getting to know the head of a local asthma education group here as a result, and she told me of times when she worked in a hospital and coworkers would leave latex items in her office and place bets that she would have an anaphylactic reaction. No one told me it would be hard to find a church due to members being concerned I may scare folks off because of using rescue meds or how I look. No one told me my family would call me lazy without understanding the difficulties of working while the asthma is going haywire and I'm shaking from taking stimulatns every hour throughout the night or I'm spitting up all kinds of stuff as I'm trying to neb yet again. No one told me of potential employer discrimination nor of cracks in the healthcare coverage or disability systems. No one told me it would be near impossible to have someone want to date me. (I recently went on a blind meeting with a guy who also has chronic health conditions. The ideal was that we might understand each other. Unfortunately, it was unseasonably cold air. I premedicated, but even so the cold air was getting to my asthma. Therefore, I had to cover my mouth and nose with a mask to warm and moisten the air. He never called back.) I wasn't told most people wouldn't understand and would say directly to me that they don't care to understand.

I don't say this to complain...I'm pointing out that a doctor who is well trained medically is a valuable asset and absolutely necessary. But, I find that unless the doctor themselves has been through it, they can't fully understand the psychosocial situations that can come up for a person with moderate persistent or severe persistent asthma. Most folks here can, and so I really appreciate that you all are here and I appreciate your thoughts. I also wish to apologize for any times I may have answered harshly. I try not to, but this has been a learning experience for me.

I recall while training going out on a home health visit and seeing a young girl with a skin condition where she got sores so easily. As I've been trying to get my own skin issues controlled, I would never have imagined back then I would end up being the patient by the time I was 41. Anyway, thanks for this group being here as I find it comforting to speak with people who understand something of the disease and living with it.

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