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Getting overwhelmed
dmbeltme posted:
Hi everyone:
I just need a bit of encouragement.... I have bad allergies.. I have been taking about allergy shots and am almost at my highest dosage... About a year and a half ago I came down with bronchitis... suddenly the cough and mucus never went away... Freaking out, the doctor had chest xrays done, even though they thought it was asthma. Xrays were clear.. but I still have anxiety over all this... I have had bad sinuses, had complete sinus surgery 5 years ago... Now I continually feel like I have mucus in my bronchial tube, cough it out, then sometimes I wheeze... I have been having full fledge panic attacks over it... I do use QVAR.. but I must admit it is from time to time, and I do have a rescue inhaler.... I LOATE taking med because I am so hypersensitive to them..... .We live in the Central Valley of California... which is AG country... I am to the point of trying to find work at the coast, hoping that might help.... I am overwhelmed, tired, and just need some type of encouragement.... Will these shots even help my allergies? I am beginning to think "NO".... I hate using the rescue inhaler, have tried singular, and it did nothing...... I use a neti- pot faithfully, sometimes 3 times a day.... Just would like my life to resume without this plaguing me... Sorry to be "Debby Downer.' I am praying for a miracle and truly am learning to have compassion for all that deal with filthy allergies and asthma... I am teacher and see my students who battle with asthma... It is not fun.... Thanks for listening.....
cathymcguigan responded:
could you afford a bedroom size air filter for when you sleep.
I use a cheap one from sears with hepa filters every night.
I also get allergy shots for 10 years I am on maintenance. I tried going off my steroids and I got sick in 2 days I started choking on I am back on meds for life and am working on acceptance. I also am very sensitive to many drugs and foods.
I have given myself permission to vent a little with my primary physician who has become my biggest advocate. by complaining to the allergist they just test me again.
one problem I had was a had frozen shoulder from a sports injury that caused some nerve damage from hand to shoulder to chest and heart. the pain sent me to insanity. the orthopedic surgeon wanter me taking nsaids and oxycodone. I had increased bleeding in my eye sockets , I take steroids and rescue breathers. my physician and sports medicine therapist and chiropractor helped my look at supplement alternatives.
my blood pressure went up with the pain and injury the doctor had me take a low dose beta blocker, therapist had me try probiotics and turmeric for its anti inflammatory properties
I stopped the nsaids and started seeing some good effect at therapy.
my md moniters my supplements and the ortho guy thought I was silly. my point u need a md or primary md who will look at all sides of you diagnosis. your personnel complaints may improve if you try alternatives and document the actual chemicals that make up the drugs u use.
another example of my chronic complaining ,reading and venting. I have found better ways to control the wheezing I get from food allergies.
I lost control of my asthma 2 years ago. had undiagnosed neck rash. I eventually gave up dairy citrus and soy and shell fish. oops still sick. I asked my regular pharmacist about ingredients of the meds I was taking. low and behold some of my meds are full of binders called lactic acid, shell fish and citric acid. I limit how much I take and I take the lowest dose of necessary meds for the most relief of symptoms.
wow I feel only 10% better but I don't need rescue breather as much.
I also added vit d and started sleeping better and am not so fatigued. watch out with fire season in ca. save some small amounts of money so you can move and look for people with ashma to talk too cause you can get really lonely being inside and at home a lot.
some days i'm so sick I just give in and do less that day and I let my loved ones know mom is slow today u may help me .
I hope my story will stimulate some problem solving and encourage ment to u god bless

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