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Do I have asthma? What else could it be?
bmurray1 posted:
I need some advice. Here is my story.

I am constantly hacking, coughing, and trying to clear my throat... most of the time to hack out a little flem. I alwaysdo this when I lay dorn for the night, most of the day, and It usually is worse after excercise like running. I have a slight shortness of breath, and feels almost like I am decongested like my inhale doesn't go very far.

I have had this for a very long time! I would say a few years.

Also, when I went to bootcamp in 2004 I got very sick, for about 3 weeks I was coughing loudly, coughing up flem, I couldnt sleep on my back anymore after it, it was on overall bad time. I was on several different pills for about 3 weeks. Ever since then it seems to have gotten a little worse every year.
Anon_167240 responded:
Could be cough variant asthma. I have that. You never really have asthma attacks, but everything makes you cough.

Every cold becomes a chest cold. If you're allergc to stuff, you mostly cough from it. You cough for no reason. You cough after exercise. Cold weather makes you cough. Anxiety makes you cough. You get coughy when you lie down for bed. Taking deep breaths and stretching in the morning makes you cough. You get random coughing fits, or just feel like you have stuff to cough out, but nothing comes out. You seldomly wheeze, but you sure do cough. Dry cough, wet cough, depends on the day. Coughetty cough cough. You get the idea.

My coughs are the worst after exercise, in cold weather, and definitely the combination of those two, as well as when I get colds.

Ask your doc. It's not life-threatening, mostly annoying, but if that's what it is, you get the same drugs as the more traditional type asthmatics, and it helps. Docs don't even necessarily do any testing for it because most breathing tests come back normal because you can breathe, your air ways just get irritated easily and get twitchy and weird on you.


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