Just had first bronchial thermoplasty!
scope415 posted:
I am severe adult onset asthmatic on 100mg prednisone daily, symbicort, Q-var and Spireva. I was told about 1 year ago that there was nothing else they could do for me. Fortunately one of my Pulmonary docs referred me out of town for bronchial thermoplasty. We wasted 7 months trying to get my BCBS and Tricare to cover surgeries. I was scheduled for first bronchial thermoplasty in April 2013 but got pneumonia and it had to be cancelled! I am now on oxygen full time so I have declined.

We decided to pay for surgeries as I am running out of time. So I had my first surgery yesterday. I felt like it was the worst asthma attack I have ever had. Second day postop a lot better. I have second surgery in 2 weeks. Hoping i will get the results other people are getting. I want my quality of life back. Good luck to anyone going this route.