cwille posted:
As i said in my previous post , xolair wasn't for me, i had a real bad time with prednisone though, 2 cataracts, weight gain, rashes, moody, everything except bone problems , thank god don't need that, i was just diagnosed with miasthenia gravis and was in hospital this week for 9 days getting a plasma exchange done , not fun, anyway,about a month ago i was taken of hydrocortisone pills, they stopped my prednisone back in january, i thought i was doing great until about 2 weeks after they dropped my hydocorisone, than i had an attack that i haven't had in about 6 months and i truly believe this exacberation also exacberated my myathanis gravis, i have heard they can both be pretty similiar. I know my nuerologist wants me to go back on prednisone but i am so worried that everything asthma wise will get worse again,. I have been on a bunch of different meds and right now the combo that seems to be working is pulmicort, ipitropium bromide, and sometimes a
kick of lidocaine, i also am using qvar now, which didn't work in the beginning. funny. oh well, just wanted to way in, hope everybody is doing fine., god bless cwille