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    starting over
    cwille posted:
    well when you think things are going good, baaaam the asthma reminds you who is boss. lol, went on vacation last week to penn, ny, mj area, got sick, came home wheezing worse than i have all year been to doc office twice this week already, 2 iv's of sidromedro 1 shot of depomedro , now i am on a half a vile of perfomist plus 2 viles of pulmicort and half a vile of atravant, and 2 cc's of lidocaine , 2 times a day, just trying to stay out of hospital and getting back on prednisone, been of steroids since may, oh well, i did find out though that if i take benedril it helps with the itchy throat , i was desperate last night 2 in the morning treatments aren't fun as i know all you know, i took cough syrup plus tylenol 3 and still had the cough and itchy throat so i said what the heck , benedryl said it helps with ithcy cough to i tried it and at least i fell to sleep ,don't know if the benedryl helped with the throat but at least i fell asleep. And than i found out that my health insurance company won't cover a medicine i need for my other condition called myasthenia gravis, called ivig. so now i need to go through the va, and if there are any vets outs there who have dealt with the va, sometimes it can become a pain, not always maybe 60 percent of the time, worst part is 4 people to a room, just a bad week, oh well i just keep praying and leave everything in gods hands, it will all work out. thanks for letting me rant

    amcate responded:
    No problem. I know what it is to not sleep and then have to fight with insurance. My guess is that you have a lot of physical pain, since you mention lidocaine. I guess you transition from the IV corticosteroids (salomedral or however you spell it)? Anyway, hope this time it resolves faster than later.
    cwille replied to amcate's response:
    my spelling sucks, sorry, anyway, today and tomorrow i go in the doc office 3 times, he is an hour from my house for the steroid, sadromedro? lol anyway we are trying to stay out of hospital , im hoping, the lidocaine is mixed in my nebulizer with my other meds, pulimicort and atrovent, it is used to numb the larynx to help stop the cough , i have cough variant asthma, wich means i start coughing plus the wheezin, real tough to get rid of , when i go to hospital they give me morphine, i don't use it at home , afraid of getting addiceted, anyway still trying , thanks for the kind words.
    amcate replied to cwille's response:
    Don't worry about your spelling as I misspelled it myself. I know the drug from work, so as I looked it up I think I found the correct spelling-Solu-Medrol. Anyway, I'm not a good writer, and this isn't a spelling test, so don't worry. I just wanted to be sure we were thinking of the same drug.

    Thanks for the information on lidocaine. I never knew it could be used in a nebulizer. I get pain in my lungs when I'm in an exascerbation and it's very unpleasant, but normally goes away when the exascerbation goes away, so the doctors never brought it up. I've seen lidocaine patches for pain at work.

    Good luck with trying to stay out of the hospital.

    Take care.
    cwille replied to amcate's response:
    my doc gives me sample solution to put in with my cocktail, but only when i am coughing a lot , like now, i had a doctor at the national jewish registry in denver tell me to take a lidocaine patch and cut it up so it is big enough to puts over your larynx not to big and leave it there for 12 hours , or over night, he swore it worked for other patient, unfortunatly not me, but your suppose to do it for seven days. The lidocaine solution does work, i tried to geat a prescription but the va and walgreens gave me the topical kind for your teeth. lol that doesn't mix well, but i do highly recommend it. good luck, just getting ready to head to doc for first iv of 3 for the day. thanks for reply
    amcate replied to cwille's response:
    Your welcome. I've had similar mix ups....get a nebulizer drug instead of the nasal spray for somethings. Take care.

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