hospital stay
cwille posted:
well , just got out of hospital , was in for 8 days, new it was lasting to long , lol started to feel sick , went to doc for a week and a half trying to stay out of hospital , getting sydromedal (sp) 3 times a day, nada, oh well at least i am home, worst part was i couldn't get on computer , they restrict what u look at on wifi , believe me all it is was facebook and webmd, oh and my tampa bay ray baseball stuff, long week, lots of drugs, home now though hope everybody else was doing well. Oh and a good web site to go to is mdjunction, i actually got it from here . Real nice people and a lot of info. Now the doc and i are going to talk about bronchial thermoplasty, i was trying to get info while i was in hospital but forgot my password for webmd. lol oh well now i can do my research. god bless
amcate responded:
Thanks for the update. Glad you're back home. I've been stable for about 4 months, now back on prednisone. Thanks also for the web site information.