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    Fators that Triggers Asthma
    An_254124 posted:
    Asthma is a curable illness by proper treatment and medications. Those who are suffering from Asthma should take their medications regularly as instructed. They are also advised to avoid the factors that triggers Asthma.
    Some of the factors that trigger Asthma are
    * Temperature changes
    * Allergens
    * Pollutants
    * Cold air
    * Stress and Emotions
    minnesotaice responded:
    I would say that it boils down to 3 main categories:

    1. Elements in the environment

    2. Emotions

    3. Food Intake
    cwille replied to minnesotaice's response:
    as i have been told, ,maybe i am wrong, asthma is not a curable disease, it is a treatable disease, once you have it the only thing you can do is treat it, i have had it for 6 years now and am still fighting it , been through all the treatments, getting ready to do bronchial thermoplasty , so hopefully that will keep me out of the hospitals, lol i would agree though that
    enviroment , emotions (stress) , food intake (allergic), pollutants and allergins , do cause asthma, that pretty much hits everything, if there is a cure please let me know , i have been all over the country and have been on many types of drugs and i am still suffering from it. thanks , god bless
    amcate replied to cwille's response:
    I agree with you cwille. My understanding is that avoiding asthma triggers can decrease the symptoms of asthma, but the person still has the underlying disease of asthma since if they are exposed to triggers again they'll still have an abnormal response (ie, bronchoconstriction, mucus, and inflammation).

    I've had the severity level I have for 14 years and have bent over backward to avoid triggers. It has helped, but I still take prednisone every 3 to 4 months and it usually takes about a month to recover.

    But, I don't know maybe there is a cure...I've had people yell at me to do everything from purposely infecting myself with tapeworms, that it's all in my mind and if I buy their tapes that have someone saying "I'm not sick" then I'll be cured, to "asthma is really a form of pneumonia. Just take antibiotics and you're cured", and "well, if you don't do these things then you just want to be sick".... lol . Not saying these things might not help, but I don't have the extra money and having someone say, "you just want to be sick because you still have trouble even though you're doing everything right" isn't very helpful.
    cwille replied to amcate's response:
    we both know that asthma can only be treated, i have tried other non medicine remedies, not the tapeworm though , no way. If you can avoid the triggers you don't have to worry, but some of us can't , such as going to the store one day and a guy brings in a dog that stands about 5 feet on all 4 fours and has a service dog sign on it, now i am allergic to animals , what am i suppose to do when he i standing in line in front of me and the cashier is petting the dog, she of course was the only cashier , otherwise i would have moved, i just politely asked him to move , he wasnt buying anything,or when mother nature decideds to bloom all the trees, yes we can where masks but that doesn't always help and than there are all types of asthma.
    So i have been told by my doc and have read that ashtma is not curable only treatbable, otherwise we would have been cured , lol i have only had it for 6 years, and i have been through it all, as have you, i think some people just don't know , or are just trying to help in thier own way. i can't take prednisone i am currently takining hydrocortisone, i am going through a rough patch now, was fine last thursday but somehow got sick over the weekend, so now i am on a new drug called tudorza ,never heard of it, but trying it. lol that's our life though, tried so many drugs and very few of them work. i was fine for 3 months than i started getting sick again in july , been sick ever since.oh well
    cwille replied to amcate's response:
    have you ever been to mdjunction web site, i go there too, it is a real good board if you are interested, and just look for whatever you are interested in , i use it for my myathania gravis and now asthma and sleep apnea also, bunch of boards, good luck
    amcate replied to cwille's response:
    No, I've not been there. Thanks for the reference. In my case, I try to avoid all the triggers....even by wearing a mask whenever I'm out of the apartment...but still have to use prednisone at least twice a year. So, I honestly don't know what the trigger(s) are that keep me having to use it some....though avoiding what I do know are triggers help some.

    I try to use humor so was actually laughing when I mentioned all the cures I've been told about...I know people mean well. I'm just trying to accept that I have it the best I can get it.
    amcate replied to cwille's response:
    I reread your post and realized you said you weren't doing well over this last weekend. I hope you get to feeling better soon. I've not heard of tudorza.

    I can't recall, but I think I mentioned before that I used to think I could get rid of the asthma by controlling all the triggers. I suppose it would work with mild asthma. Anyway, so I figured out a few years ago that I'll still have asthma and exacerbations, so it was my life now and the life I planned was not to be. When people come on strong and controlling about various cures and say, "you just want to be sick. I told you what to do" it's a bit like telling someone who is paralyzed, "you could walk if you wanted, you just don't want to". I know they mean well and mean to help,'s just that I'm trying to accept the reality as best I can. Sometimes I may not respond very well to such people. I need to learn that skill. Thanks for your thoughts. Good luck with the tudorza.

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