ashmra posted:
I am an asthmatic. My two medications cost me $130 and $30 a month, not including other medications. I am on a fixed income of $800 a month. With my rent, transportation and bills I am left with $288.5 a month in debt. Pretty much this means I can no longer breath. Does anyone know a way to have assistance that does not cost me more money, as I just do not have any. The two asthma medications I use are Advair and Salbutamol. I don't really need to Salbutamol, but I cannot go one day with Advair. Please, any help is saving my life.
ashmra responded:
Also, that $10 off coupon is no help at all.
cwille replied to ashmra's response:
try healthwell foundation, not sure how much they can help, but they help me, good luck , i think it's healthwellfoundation.org or .com can't remember, good luck
cwille replied to cwille's response:
it is healthwellfoundation.org , good luck you could call them also and they will point you in the hopefully right direction