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    Ideas to help my asthmatic and constantly sick kids?
    distressed1234 posted:
    Hi, I'm new to this group. I am at my wit's end with my 4 and 6 yr old daughters who have asthma and have been constantly sick (basically August is their only full healthy month) for years. There is no asthma in either my husband's or my family. ER visits multiple times a year. Missing tons of school and activities. Frequently up all night coughing. More than half of each year they have upper respiratory infections like croup, flu, and pneumonia.

    I've had them tested for allergies (positive for dogs, cats, and mold -- but we have none of those; I had the house tested for mold). No food allergies. I removed dairy and eggs from their diets any way, at the advice of a naturopath, and they were healthy for 6 weeks and it's been nonstop illness for the following 8 weeks. She had them tested for food sensitivities (Igg vs Ige) and they were positive for dairy, eggs, and citrus. But other docs have dismissed that test.

    I changed their bedding to Mission Allergy bedding, bought a HEPA air filter, clean frequently, no carpets or curtains, wash sheets and (minimal) stuffed animals in hot water. I have them on numerous dietary supplements including Vit D and probiotics. We wash our hands frequently and use Purell.

    I literally haven't slept in a week, giving them treatments in the middle of the night. They are on Qvar, Nasonex, and either Ventolin inhaler or levabuterol nebulizer; the older one takes Singular. The older one has been on prednisolone for 7 days and is instructed to take it for another 3; the younger one has a 5-day course.

    All medical professionals I've seen have told me that the kids should be leading normal lives, but they are not. Their pulmonologist is listed on both US News and NY Magazine's top pediatric pulmonologists lists but their asthma is not under control. I had a pediatrician tell me to relax. I wanted to throttle him.

    Any ideas? What am I missing? Should I see a new doc (any recommendations in NY/CT?)? I so want to help them and I've run out of ideas on how.
    deluxehd responded:
    I am very sorry to hear of your daughters health, poor girls. I have a few thoughts and suggestions for you and I am making these off my own experiences. I have struggled with asthma and food allergies for many years with little or no help from the medical world. My allergies/sensitivities progressed into reacting to: fabrics, plastics, woods, latex, more foods, medications, etc. I have finally been diagnosed with mold illness (not allergy) and I have started treatment.

    I had an ERMI (Environmental Relative Moldiness Index) performed on our home to check for mold. I have attached a link to provide more information.

    I had an ELISA Act Blood test performed to check for allergy/sensitivities to foods, environmental triggers, etc. That is how I found out about my latex allergy. I have attached a link to provide more information.

    If possible keep a diary of when they are worse and what they may have eaten or been doing. It may help to narrow things down a little.

    I have had some benefit from NAET (Nambrudipad's Allergy Elimination Techniques) and Kinesiology.

    I wish you well and you are doing a great job as your children's advocate.
    distressed1234 replied to deluxehd's response:
    Thank you. I will look into all your suggestions.

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