My 3 year old with asthma
stuffyc822 posted:
Hi All, I have been searching for a support group for a while now and just came across this site. It was really helpful reading everyones posts. My daughter is 3 and a half and was diagnosed with asthma at 18 months. She has had pneumonia 3 times and was hospitilized for a week last december and we have been to the ER many of times. She has had countless ear infections, rounds of antibiotics, oral steriods, inhaled steriods, the nebulizer w abuterol, ipatropium. She has just recently been switched from symbicort to advair and as Im reading some of your posts Im wondering if that was the right decision?
I can really relate to how scary and draining this all is. Anytime my daughter has a cold it turns into an attack w wheezing coughing and the like. She averages being sick at least once a month espcially in the winter. No one can tell me why the attacks come or what we can do to avoid them. We have recently just started seeing a homeopath to work both western and eastern medicine and it seems to be helping but not too much.
She was allergy tested last March and everything came back negative. I have her on a gluten and dairy free diet to keep the mucus build up to a minimum.
I feel very alone, scared and just simply overwhelemd and often wonder if I am doing the "right" things for my daughter and wonder if there is some big puzzle piece I am missing??
Would appreciate any help, suggestions or thoughts??

afoxa responded:
Oh I am so sorry your going through this. Mine started when I was 18 months old, when my sister was born. I am 38. Do you have any dogs or cats? I am not a doctor, but for me personally that is what could have saved my childhood, if I was in a pet free home environment. Good luck to you