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BT after the procedure?????
mobeary posted:
I'm looking into this procedure and should be scheduled for my first treatment in the next 3 weeks.

If you've had the procedure did you go back to work right away or did you need time off and how much time off?

Are you happy that you did it?

Was your day to day life affected for the whole time during and after the procedure. How long before you noticed a difference in your breathing and that you could get back to doing things??

I'm getting a little apprehensive but really want some relief. I've had asthma all my life and would love not to be so restricted day to day!! Any guidance would be appreciated!

Thanks. Jane.
mobeary responded:
2weeks ago I had a call from the Dr's office to ask me a few questions about my health. One was if I've ever had life threatening asthma attacks, my answer was yes but the last time I was in ICU was 23 years ago. The next question was if I've ever smoked, my answer was yes for approx 12 years and I quit 23 years ago.

They don't want anyone who has had life threatening asthma WHAT?

10 years is the cut off for smoking and I smoked for 12 years. WHAT?

Talk about disappointment. It was 23 years ago for both.

He said he would talk to the Dr who was on holidays for a week and see what he said. So the wind was out of my sails.

I just got a call today and they are going to accept me. YES! I'm so excited!

Now I have to go for a test to prove I have asthma and a consult. So if all the planets align I should have my first procedure in June!
atti_editor replied to mobeary's response:
Hi mobeary,

I am glad you were accepted into the program! I hope that you are able find some relief from your asthma symptoms. Please keep us updated after your first procedure!

Best wishes,
mobeary replied to atti_editor's response:
I didn't make the criteria of the study!!!

The criteria was a 20% reduction n lung function from the methalcholiine test and my lung function was decreased by 19%!

1% knocks me out of having the procedure. Frustrating!!!
atti_editor replied to mobeary's response:
I am so sorry to hear that as I know you were very excited! Do you have further plans moving forward? I hope that you are doing well.

mobeary replied to atti_editor's response:
Thanks Atti!!

My feeling is now that it just wasn't meant to be! Although I'm still really upset, if that makes sense.

My last cold/infection was late March and my lungs still are not good it seems like it's taking longer and longer to recover and I've put off taking prednisone waiting to have good news about BT! I now woke up today with a very sore throat and a cough so here we go again.

I see my regular GP tomorrow for my Xolair injections, I get 4 injections a month, and I'm going to have a heart to heart with her about BT and see if she can do anything for me. I'm still waiting for a call back from the hospital about not being accepted and if I don't hear from them tomorrow I'll be calling them next week to voice my opinion and thoughts.

It frustrates me that someone who has never suffered from this disease can tell you how well controlled your asthma is when they haven't taken one of your breaths!!! I don't think you can fully understand this disease unless you've experienced the tightness and feeling of despair when you can't breath!

Just my opinion!!!
atti_editor replied to mobeary's response:
Glad to see that you are not giving up on your journey to find something that will give you relief from your symptoms!
mobeary replied to atti_editor's response:
I sent an e-mail to my Dr 2 weeks ago and no answer yet. I called his office today and was told that he is going to respond within the next 2 - 3 days.

Hopefully he'll answer my concerns about missing out on having the procedure by 1%,,,

Fingers crossed I get accepted!!!

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